Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Richard Dumont


Kraull - hat off to your final entry. It is beautiful, and breath taking I think. I have been
watching your thread since the start and I am glad to see it finish :love: I also pointed out earlier that your painting style reminds me of the 19th century painter Turner, and I am excited to see that your final image still has that similar feeling to his painting style, I am sure it wasn’t intensional, but none the less I think it is brilliant. Congratulations on a job well done!! :slight_smile:


brilliant work, everything just seems to fit, i also admire the fact that you stopped at just the right point and didnt over render it. you managed to retain the looseness which really helped with the action of the painting. good luck


It’s difficult to say what catches me most in your picture, but it surely deserves better compliment than i could find words for. So i’ll just add something i didn’t say yet. I LOVE the way you let very refined details live together with more impressionistic (sp?) touches in your art. It’s one of the aspects of your work that is the most incitative for the viewer to let his imagination wander IMO.
It’s no more about making a cool picture. It’s true art.
Sadly, we’ll have to wait until the next challenge to enjoy your wonderful art again. Unless you expose your work on the web or elsewhere before (hear, hear…). :wink:
Félicitations et à bientôt, maestro.


Félicitation, Mr Kraull,
Beautiful result, as I expected. You’ll have my vote. :scream:
I hope you’ll make a website very soon, to give us the pleasure to see more of your works.
Good luck !


Great final image :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I wish you the best luck for the final :bounce: Im sure youll be on the top of the list :smiley:


beautiful work- best wishes


Great work, and it’s been fun watching how you develop and refine your image!



Congratulations KRAULL! Awesome! You did it man! I will be suporting you. I wish you the best, you are definitely off to be one of the greatest artists out there IMO :slight_smile:



like the last challenge; u have my vote.


Thanks guys!

You’ve really picked-up my curiosity about this Turner painter, so I’ve just checked his works. I now can see about what you were talking about and I must agree that there is some similitudes, probably witht the contrast of the composition. I’ll try to know more about him and his technique, precisely about how he render waves in his painting. Thanks to have make me know this artist!

I’ll work on this website… But I’ll wait to have more stuff to post though. :slight_smile:

Hola my pote! :bounce:


This one looks like it has a ton of detail. I hope the full resolution image is a bit more clear. I really like this, but when it’s so small it looks a little cluttered to me.


Don’t forget you can click on the image to get the full size resolution. :slight_smile:


Love it. I like scetches a little bit more than final image. Becouse I thought there will be more people on it. But U had Your idea and I see U did great job. I like that look.


Richard I must say this is stupendous. Absolutely one of the best. Congradulations on your grand finale! It was well worth the wait. I hope to see you in the winners circle because that is just jaw-dropping.


Very well finished piece! I especially like ur technique of showing the “details”… and everything else as well of course :slight_smile: good luck in voting process!


cool pic , dude


Turned out just wonderfully Richard…A very in-depth look,and mood galore…One more of my favorites from all aspects…Nicely done,and congrats on a wonderful effort and the results which followed Richard…Nice!:buttrock:


Wowwww Awesome Work …:applause:
you are Rembrandt?:eek:
You Had my Vote!!!:deal:


Real feeling of the battle!
Like your stile!:bounce:


Congrats man… awesome job!