Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Richard Dumont


Richard Dumont has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: finally…

Here is my final entry. Since the last update, I’ve worked principally on details and contrast adjustment. I’ve also added few things that could enhance the feeling of watching a futuristic scene. These were the pipes you see at the right and middle of the image. I’ve also added a dome sphere (greenhouse, conservatory) which could serve to cultivate bacterias, plants, or something like that. I was hoping that the surrounding would look less like a medieval architecture this way. It would maybe have been more interesting to put a huge ship in the middle, but I thought the image would talk differently with a green house. Like scientists doing experiment and creating organic monsters… More possibilities with this single structure in term of story I think.

About the ambiance, I’ve finally decided to make it looks like the action was taking place in a near frozing environment. With the fur on the main character and the massive suits of the guards, I thought it would be more logic.

So, this is the end of it. I would like to say a big thanks to all those who have supported me and have given me helpfull comments! You really help me to push myself further! Thanks again to Cgnetworks for this great challenge and the opportunity they gave us to interact with so interesting people! It has been a real pleasure.

See you next time!


HI !

Nice to see you there. We are sure now to see very good work.
Good luck ! I just can’t wait to see what you’ve got…




Ok. It’s time to start.


So, for this new challenge, I’ve decided that I will do an action scene with human like creatures. Like with my machineflesh work, I begin with a general idea that I will try to push farther. I’ve taken the decision that it will be a confrontation between a team of three main characters (an electro-psycho sorcerror, a swordmaster and an other with a long javelin (lance).

Now that I set the idea, the plan will be:

1- Get a rough composition that give me an approximation of the set and the perspective

2- Determine basic colors

3- Designing the charaters, vehicules, weapons, etc.

4- Add details and incorporate the designed materials

5- Special effects if needed

6- retouch

7- Drink a cold beer… Don’t forget this crucial step!!!

Here we have a series of quick thumbnails that I use more like a memory helper. Don’t worry if you can’t see what it is, I have difficulty to see it clearly myself…


The idea is getting clearer in my head. The challenge will be to fix it on paper though.


Very rough work, but what I make out of it seems to have a action type of composition to it. I love rough work, sometimes it requires interpritation to read, which could lead to other ideas.

Anyway, look forward to your progress. :slight_smile:


Focussing on the display of the caracters… I think I can begin to push the idea on the computer now. I get my main axes and begin to have a better idea about what it could be.


Here we go with a more acuarate sketch of the composition. I now know a little bit more where I’m going… Finally!!!


just posting the evolution of the sketching process.


adding some contrast and forms. It’s more about the feeling of the overall than about the signification of the image…


I kind of like the position of the characters (wich I not sure everyone will read the same…:). The background is still messy, but it should not be important for the moment. I’ll try for now to define a little bit more the shape of the flying vehicule in the background. Then it will be time for colors…


I’m shy to call it a lineart, because it’s still really messy, but I think the general idea of the composition is clear enough for me to begin the next steps. I’ll now try to choose the ambiance and the place that I want the scene to be.


Great progress so far. I love the loose style that you have to your concepts. It gives the piece and subject matter a sense of character. There is also a sense of tension in the scene, which is interesting too. :slight_smile:


I like the composition, and the way you brushed it. Wonder how you’ll detail it.
I’ll come back to see more … :thumbsup:

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Thanks for your comments guys! Sorry that I haven’t post something more tangible to talk about yet… I’ll try to post a version of the color tonight and then, the fun will start with the conception of the characters!!!


Your idea is developing nicely. I look forward to further development


The colors…
I’ll try for now on to gives some tips for the beginner about the choice I made when I’m doing a project. Can’t say I’m a good teacher or that I have a lot of experience, but if it could help, It would be worth the effort. And if there are some of you that are wondering how it is done or why I’ve done this, it would be a pleasure to answer to your questions the best I could!

Tips about colors:
First of all, I try to define the place where the scene will be. Indoor, outdoor… That will determine the lights (articial, natural, or both). For this piece, I’ve chosen to do an interior city lighted with both articial and natural lights. There would be some hole in the roof that will let pass some light from the sun or the moon, but the hole scene should be rather shadowy. So, my basic color will be a blue-green desaturated. To give contrast, I’ll play will the lights of the sun and from lamps that will give me warmer color. The disposition of this value and color are put instinctively, keeping a sense of composition that comes with time, I think.

For now, I’m not playing with contrast, I’m focussing on the pigment and the saturation.


Very nice so far. Thanks for the WIP info. The perspective grid is especially helpful. Did you draw & scan the grid or is it a feature of the software you’re using? Sorry for the noob question.


Just peaking! Looks like a lot of work with all that perspective! looks excellent so far!