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Latest Update: Concept Sketch: Goara Attack on village harbour

Hi there again!!!Hey,I\'m back from a long and very busy december month!!!
Sorry it took so long but in the mean time my little girl \“LILOU\” is born!!!The 6th of december at 17h57!!!
Yessssssssss!!! She\'s marvelous,so beautiful and there are no words to describe how happy I am!!!
And tired also,ha,ha!!!

And so with all the work I had,the birth of my daughter and christmas at the same time,well it was impossible for me to get further on with the spaceopera contest.And believe me,even if ofcourse the last 3 weeks were proberly the most beautiful I passed in my life, well…I did miss you all,and I did miss participating on this contest :-).

So,anyway I\'m back and with all these happy evements eversince my inspiration and imagination are fully cahrged to the max!!!
So I got this image in my head totally clear now and I now I really know where I\'m heading and what Image I would like to do.

So here is the first rough layout…
This is the middle of a panaromic image I would like to do.
I still will play around a lot proberly with the size and the position of my canvas but this is where I\'m heading.

In the foreground we got this little harbour of a little village in the trees.
It is being attacked by a strange kind of creature.(a mixture of a Gorilla and a Boa Constructor).
There is panic in this little harbour.
I\'ll enlarge the picture to the left to introduce other towns far away on the background.And I\'ll enlarge the picture to right to have this monster attacking the harbour and some paniced people running around with an little boat approaching the monster.Inside the boat people shooting on the monster.

This is my first sketch,I hope you can already see a little bit what I mean…
Well like I\'ve been gone some while I had a lot to tell,sorry :slight_smile:
Later my friends and I wish you all A giant and great new years party and eve!!!


Hi there everybody!!!Nice to be there with all you great artists!!!Very inspiring.
Sorry for my english but I’ll do my best to get understanded.
Well,here is my first concept.It’s a world high up in the trees.Very,very high trees.And the humains came up there and constructed cities and all kind of stuff up there in the trees.
Since the humains started living there,there very few wars and they are kind of protected…
Until this monkeys came up,weird kind of species.Aggesive and wanting to get back their territory.And even if there is enough space for everyone,they do continue to attack the human cities in the trees.
No since several attack’s ,the humains had the time to analyse the monkey attack’s and so build a guardsystem that work’s quit well.And even if it ask’s a lot of people and work,ever since the new defendig system is there ,peace came back!

In this image I wanted to put something magical in it,and a lot of positive emotion.
These are 3 children happy to see their daddy coming home after a long time being away.
Their daddy works in this special defending-system low down in the trees.
And he works five days a week without coming home.The news today told that this week there were some attacks on the defense-system.But it wasn’t really clear.So these children were quit worried about their dad.
And so now he’s coming home they’re really happy.They have been waiting all day long to see their daddy .So the weekend starts and they are waving to their daddy arriving in his new family-spacer!!!
“Daddy’s coming home!!!”
Spaceopera in the trees.

Good luck to everybody!!!


aaaaaww nice story man.i like allot ,can’t wait for the rest.


very nice - you’ll get a special category, heart vote, from the poppas in the house


Still searching…
Speedpaint of a Mechanic babysitter,getting out with the kid and his Robo-dog.
I want to work out this MEcha-babysitter thing (mechaby-sitters, :slight_smile: ) a little bit more.
Walking the dog together with the child
somewhere in town in one of the last green parts in town.
Maybe even imagine a kind of special building containing a kindergarden and the last trees over on earth.
Did this on toshop.
Well later :wink:


love the purples you’re using in your concepts


Ello,well finaly I would like to get back to my first idea.
Giant jungle with a giant town in it.
This a concept I made for the TRIBO III
A Spaceship constructed specialy for flying through the jungle.
With windows below the pilot and giant blades(or knifes) just in front to fly through the leafes and little branches(boughs) if necesairy.
Not finished yet but I’m on my way(slowly)


Excellent idea- you could do so much with a concept like that, there have been treatments of tree dwellers before (Jedi, Planet of the Apes), but I don’t believe I’ve seen a [font=Verdana]technologically [/font]advanced city in the trees- can’t wait to see more!


Very nice concepts! That vehical design is very nice… I like it’s feeling and mood. It will be interesting to see where you go with these. Keep up the great work!


hey hey hey…Remko,I am very happy to have found your thread,it simply impossible to get to them all,but I try…I must say this is one of my favorites up to now in the 2D section…And that’s saying alot because there is some killer work going on in here…Belgium is being represented very well here…:beer: …Daddy’s coming home…too cool,love the look,the feel,the mood,the style…

MEcha-babysitter …Robo-dog…the kid,and that Jungle ship/vessel are really nice.A very nice style and ambiant feel…Really appealing to me…I’ll be following you,and asume you will get more followers here as well as soon as more people catch onto this thread…All the best to you…My Mother and half my family are from beautiful Belgium,so it’s always a nice thing to see more talent from there…take care,and I wish you the best…:arteest:


Well,I’m still searching to get the right few and the right colorscheme.
Proberly I’m heading for a sunset with ray’s of light coming in to this galactic jungle.
This is a really rough set up,and I will put a little making off(till there)after this one.
You can already see some tree-cities in the background.On the giant branches(boughs?)coming out of the clouds.
The big ball you see in the front close to you,will be a appartment with balconys,a garden on platform,bridges going to the other trees,etc,etc.
The little ball is “TRIBO III”(jungleSHIP) coming towards(or forwards?)to us, like the ship I detailes a little bit just before.
There are some guards over there,and i’ll work those out later on with pencil on paper.
Well I gotta stop right now so this image is really a rough set up and i hope,you understand what i mean.
I put a little detail of the guard after,these guys will be quit classic but equiped with laser-arrows and some kind of boardguns on their balconys.
Maybe I’ll work out these guys out tonight if I find the time :-/…
My girlfriend finds I gotta take a break :-),later,and may the forec be with you all!!!


Little detail,still very rough.
Try to mix up classic and functional with really modern high-tech stuff.
Oh yes, I saw I forgot to put the little ball(the one I talkes about just before))But you can see it in the little “making off”(till there)who’s coming up right now.


This is a little bit the way I proceed.
(there is the little ball at last :slight_smile: )
I put up the first ideas very rough with a full opaque (100%) pencil in photoshop.
Later on,when i start to put some details in it,I reduce the opacity and the smoothness of my pencil to 50 and 25% +/-.I also play around a bit with the little natural media menu in photoshop.
Once I\'m a little bit happy with what i\'ve got I play around a lot with the diffents layers,their different modes and their position.Scaling,turning,etc,etc.
Later on I will go on in painter to give some more warm effects and some more dynamics to my lines and colors.
As you can see this was right before I decided to enlarge my scene and go to a landscape position.
I would like to put a few jungle-starships(Tribo III) in it flying in to us.
With shadows falling on them as they are entering the more concentrated part of the jungle.

I\'ll proberly mix up \“Art-nouveau\” with high tech for the architecture.
And put strange alienflowers on the branches and little creatures scared off by the ship\'s coming in.etc,etc…
And that\'s how my head is going on and on since I started the challenge :slight_smile:

Well thats it for the moment…later :wink:


I really do like this concept, it will be a joy to work on I’m sure!

It’s good to develop the concepts as to why the humans are currently dwelling in the trees, like you are doing. Earth has been over-inhabitated, flooded with artificiality, and greenery is a rarity. They have now moved, quite ironically, to depend on the trees they once destroyed and returning to their primal roots as primates in nature, only to be threatened by other primates, rendering them equal. I like the story and the fact that you’re developing it to create the final picture.

I would make sure you focus on making sure the greatness of the trees is visible in your sketches and final drawing. I like your color scheme, but make sure there is enough detail in the dark purples towards the bottome so we can tell that those trees go on and on, rooted somewhere hundreds of feet below… I might even use a 3-point perspective for the vanishing trees. You’re last image is very dynamic, all the tangles of the trees and the city within work very well. I might see what you could do to show some tops of trees. Leaves are a very vital part of trees and I don’t see much, if any, of them. Might be worth your while to see if you could somehow incorporate the tops of some trees, to develop maybe how the canopy of this enormous forest would look.

Also, maybe a few sketches for you to understand how or if life exists on the ground of this planet under the trees.

I look forward to your development of this concept and I wish you luck! take care


some great concepts! I particularly like the design and finish on the tribo jungleship…


Yep,thx for the comments!

And Stve your’e right.
Indeed I do need to submerge(or immerge,don’t know?)myself totally in a world I’m creating.
I need to feel it,hear it,just be there!Thats the way for me to discover more and more of the world thats getting born in my head.(Yes,without mushroom’s!)
I really like to do that a lot!Only problem ,Imsomnia,Trees growing in my livingroom,Strange creatures flying by while I’m talking to my friends.I’m quit haunted by this world ever since I started this challenge.:smiley:
And I have to keep this secret,if not they will send my to the madhouse over here in BElgium:argh:
And the doctor won’t believe me that it’s CGtalk that drove me mad:sad: By the way I think my doctor over here in Belgium doesn’t know CGtalk!
(he don’t know what he is missing:D

Anyway,seriously now,This world of trees I was imagining is getting bigger and bigger each day(each hour,minute)
And how the hell am I’m going to put all this in one image?
Can we do a 30.000 x 15.000 pixel picture?

I already thought a little bit about this"what’s happening on the ground" thing.
In fact,in 2987 a.jc the sea almost took over all land.Land is getting very rare.
Like the sea has overdwelmed most big cities in the first place humains created floating cities.
Some chemical factorys who came under water,libered(free) their chemical substances and so in some parts of the world this chemical products created a strange reaction on some of the waterplants.
They became bigger and bigger and started to rise high above the waterlevel.
Some of them even passed by the clouds.
And like water didn’t stop rising people climbed into these trees,very high.Soon they adapted their architecture to these trees to build enormous cities high above in them.

These trees are huge and some of the humains don’t even remember no more what the ground or the sea once was looking like.
But with all this it’s almpost impossible to put all this in one and only picture.
I know nothing is impossible and I’m trying believe me.

But indeed I would like to show these people,their architecture from close and still have a landscape behind that expresses well the hugeness of these trees.
Their will be lots of strange creatures metamorphosed by the new climat.Bridges,spaceships especialy build to fly through the most concentrated parts of this galactic jungle.
And on and on and on.

Héy, cant we just write a story?:smiley:
Ok,I stop there(got a starting headache there:bounce: :smiley: )
Later everybody!!!
May the force be with you all!!!:beer:
Sorry for my english,it suc*s I know.


haha, I totally know what you mean! I’ve got like 6 seperate defined planets within my world and it would be much better off being an illustrated story! However, to go along with the challenge, I have to find the most fantastic, spectacular, inspiring image within this reality that will best express it’s own existance and the dynamics and vitality there in. It’s the challenge for all of us. No one can express an entire existance within a picture… especially one this small. It’s just a matter of doing it as best you can and finding a way, within the world, to express it with all the fantastic foreign imagery as possible.
I’m totally being overwhelmed with images and stories within my world as well and it keeps evolving consistantly. I guess a few months of madness will be worth the final outcome of a piece we’re proud of and can further develop more images of different aspects of the world on our own time. I believe this challenge is great for ourselves and the community. The final prize ends up being our own, and not a computer or piece of software


love your idea :D, though, to my personal preference i think that there should be some random vines dangling down from the branches.

it will also be very swish if you can create buildings out of vines… a pic that i thought looked rather interesting:


Yap,thx man DaaDaa!Indeed very inspiring:beer: !!!


Very cool work OKMER. Neat idea too! I always feel that cool art usually comes from a good story behind it. Not always i guess, but usually (maybe that’s why I’ve always digged concept art). Great colors also. Keep it up.