Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Pierre Droal


Still looking good, Mr. Arctis, but one small suggestion: It’s gotten somewhat dark around hour main spaceship, making it harder to read. Perhaps bringing in some of the lighter and/or warmer tones in the area just around the ship might help it read a bit better.
Best regards, and I still really like this piece a lot!



Nice refinement you’ve done here! My opinion won’t count because I’m a sold low saturation fan… :smiley:


Wow, that looks incredible! It really does have a grand fealing to it. Nice job!


awesome work so far, thr restrained colour works really well with the everall image. i really like the style in which you have painted it, in particular, the clouds. there is only one thing which i can crit and that is the glossiness of the top left rock formation. it draws the attention a bit too much. perhaps give some other areas a similar sheen or tone down that one a little, i do like the effect of it so id say you should go for the first option. thats the only problem i can see, otherwise its top notch, keep it up


This is really cool, apparently a very popular color scheme. I really like this, though I can’t tell whats going on from looking at it. Oh I see the ship now, I would raise him up into the overlapping the lighter opening.

anxious to see more!


Wow, very beautiful! I love the crisp detail and smokey motion you’ve encapsulated with in your marvelous style. Right now I’m thinking similar thoughts of reincarnation about your work… I guess there’s always someon on an higher rung…
Great work!!:thumbsup:


Hi everyone,
Thanks for your support and suggestions during all this contest !

  • Walrus : I’ve made the correction you suggested on my final image, thanx.

Good luck to all of you, and happy new year !


Unique concept! I like the final result a lot! I admire your imagination! :slight_smile:


It’s hard to get your eye out from looking at this.

Not an easy thing to do

Well done



bags of drama there…and style…apocalyptic in feel…well done!


I say hello and after i speak french, sorry for the others

Oui parce que j’en ai un peu marre de me creuser la tête a chaque post pour ecrire en anglais. J’aime bien ton style qui t’es vraiment particulier, je ne pense pas qu’une autre oeuvre ai la même personnalitée dans le challenge a part peu être tranchefeux qui sort également du lot. En bref j’aime bien ta compo et n’y voit aucune critique a formuler, elle donne vraiment une impression de vastitude, de gigantisme et laisse paraitre l’architecture d’une civilisation totalement etrangère à la notre, ici, pas de machinerie ni de metal torturé, non vraiment cela sort de l’ordinaire et c’est trés imaginatif, j’aime bien


very original vision. well done!


You should try to differentiate slightly from the point of view of the color the smoke which escapes from the spaceship besides of your image, this one would so win in legibility. Great and creative work, logical progress of the concept towards the final image. You should indeed appear to the prize list. :bounce:


Hello Arctis, your final image has a excellent and dynamic ambience. Congratulations!


as i mention before nice color scheme. like te burned border of the image.
something between drawing and painting. really nice illustration, i would like to see it printed somewhere in a book, with some good subtle typography next to it.


Thanx for your positive reactions !
Sometimes I 'm afraid that my work doesn’t interest people, but your replies make me hope that it’s wrong…
Good luck to all of you !


I love this entry. THe sense of scale is overwhelming in a good way :slight_smile: COngratulations on finishing your entry, good luck!


Yes, I really do like it! Like AirbORn said, it has great sense of scale. Btw. It seems we have quite similiar elements in our works. Hehe! :smiley:

Good luck, man! :slight_smile:


here’s my final entry !

I remind everyone the story of this picture, untitled “the only time we met them…” :
I imagined that a satellite - like Pioneer - met by chance an alien civilisation, and sent to earth one single image of the scene before its batteries ran down. Then many years have passed, but this single photo, injured by time, remains the only proof that an alien culture once existed…

Bye !


This one reminds me of a Japanese watercolor painting, which works perfect for an alien landscape. Was that intentional?
Your piece has a great mood to it.