Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Pierre Droal


Salutation !!
Thanx for your comments, they are very helpful : my pict is much better thanks to that ! :scream:
I’m also happy that you liked my trailer : it had not much success in animation festival…
-Farijha : I must say that I’m OK with the smog like that, but I’ll try to add some light on the left side of the ship. :wink:
Later !!!


here’s my final pict with its altered edges.
Hope you’ll enjoy…


O yea we enjoy it allright. It`s truly epic…
just wanted to say that :]


Hey arctis,

Wow, the final image! This must be one of the first finals of the contest.

It looks good, it’s a very interesting structure you’ve created. The burnt edges make it feel like an old photo or something, and gives it a nice mood. Nice work!


great work and best of luck to you. Thanks for contributing and sharing your work and progress.



been watching this for a while and amazing as it was it was missing something, it was a beautiful illustration but still lacking. however now that you’ve added the scratched/burnt border it really has come together, I’m inspired and impressed, absolutely one of my favorites here…


Beautiful work Arctis. Congratulations.


Thanx for your reactions.
I’ve retaken the edges (it’s hardly visible, but I prefer like this…)
Cheers !


truly great… one of my favourites… you have my vote.


Great artwork you’ve done Arctis! Like I’ve said before, I definitely love the originality of your landscape. It’s definitely from a different world. Oh, by the way, I’ve taken a look at your website. I wish I could do 3d stuff like that myself. I hope too that you will make the real movie one day!:slight_smile:

See ya


Thanx for your encouragements, really !
-Kraull : about the movie trailer, I don’t know if I will do the movie one day, but I’m reworking on the characters and the design of that project. You can see it on CgTalk, there are links below.
Cheers !


great work mate…love the developing…nice ideea and cpncept…love the colors…nice…cheers


Your final image is great. I really like the adittion of the edges. The colors and the atmosphere are very good. Any possibility to see bigger image?


Hi, I like the effects of matters that adds personality, good.


I just love the dynamic of your image more and more! Great work Arctis.


A very unique structure and color scheme. Good luck!!


Thanks for your encouragements, all of you ! What a great support ! :scream:

  • LuisNCT : I’ll post a bigger image as soon as I will be sure of the final aspect. For the moment, there are still some details to improve…

I’ll post an update very soon, because I think I 've understood -at last !- what’s the thing that embarrased me for so long in my pict…

Later !!!


Excellent progress overall. I love this fluidity of the motion in this piece Pierre. Keep up the great work!


Hi again,
Here is the promissed update. Maybe you won’t see any significative change, but I tried to strengthen the lines of the bottom of the building, in order to add a little more depth.
Cheers !


I tried to improve my pict after having a look at some entries of the contest…
Nice to have tried, Mr Arctis… maybe i’ll have their skill in a few generations : better believe in reincarnation…
I added more blue, in order to have the impression that it’s a color picture, not a B&W pict that turned into sepia.