Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Pierre Droal


Thanks for reactions !!

  • Petri.j : I don’t understand what you said : you said it looks great, but you think I should throw off my drawing ?!? :rolleyes: It would work better like what ???


With the last addition your painting really rocks!
I’m really considering to continue with my thread, cause there are too much level in this challenge… :sad:


So you had the ship? I think it definetely add something to your scene! Yiiiiiah!:thumbsup: Keep on the great work!

see ya


I love the textures and composition!:thumbsup:


lol… i’d like to know what does that mean too… :smiley:

your image looks great… i just may suggest you to replace color of exhaust smoke from black to some any other cos it looks a bit like ships are burning and falling down and not flying away…
great work Pierre in either case!!! :thumbsup:


Petri.J. just waht you talking about?

Looking great . . . really lie the soft colurs… but as many have said change the black exhaust smoke . . . it looks like a missile or that it has been hit.


The newer textures look awesome. I liek the scale of the whole thing too, looks really interesting- I havent commented, but I’ve been watching for a while now. Great stuff :slight_smile:


i like the color scheme you’ve choosen. the composition is nice. but maybe blacks could have little more details, very subtle details. :thumbsup:


Starting to look reaaalllly good =) Awesome that you put a story behind that, like I said previous, nothing says art like a background!!


I really like the textures of the rock, It feels alive and like I am participant rather than a viewer, great job on the ship as well. The only thing I would add to the sky is some sort of pale cool color and your basically done. :thumbsup: Wish I could say the same for myself.


Hi everyone,
Thanx for reactions!
As many of you adviced me,I reduced the opacity of the smog, and add some details on the bigger ship ( but not too much, because it’s in action…)
Later …


Hi, Love your lines and compostion. I have only one thing to crit. When I first saw the last version of it, It almost looked like the the citylights were detail highlights. You know what you get on a wet surface. What gives the illusion of citylights to me is some kind of structure, or patterns. You might have too go and pick a little bit more on those. Yeah I know it´s a b**ch but it would make your great picture alot easier to understand.

Peace and stuff :thumbsup:


Hi Ailu,
If I understand what you said, spotlights need more structure to look like city lights.
That’s a possibility, but personnally, I prefer building’s spotlights when they are messy. :wink:
Anyway thanx for your interesting reaction.
Later …


Fantastic! In my opinion something is still missing, but I cant say what at this moment… It could be that monochromatic feeling which I like in most cases, but here Im missing a bit more depth. Dont get me wrong. U have a great depth in ur pic, but an overreacting with it will do good… maybe with more brughtness at the horizont, maybe with a blue color… but that would brake ur concept I guess.
Nevermind my thoughts, Its just a subjective metter. :slight_smile: Very good pic!


Bonjour, Pierre,

I agree with NinjaASSN - fantastic.
Very artistic and powerful structure. Perhaps you can bring this shape (structure) up somehow. With bigger contrast and stronger shadows or something like that. Right now this structure slips a bit into the backround.
Really good style and plalette…


Thanx for encouragementss !!!
-Tikson & NinjaASSN : I’ve already tried everything you said, more blue, more brightness on the horizon, or at the contrary, stronger shadows… I found what you see after all these experience.
I’ll add borders to the pict, so that we can see better that it’s an old photo.Maybe it’s the missing thing you’re talking about, I hope…
Anyway I welcome your suggestions, there’s more ideas in several minds than in only one !
Later …


i wish i lived there,coolness!!!


Beautiful composition Pierre. The forms give it a real sense of dymanism and spiralling motiion - drawing you in centre, into the action. I also love the simple palette you’ve employed.

beautiful work. Certainly a fav.


Hi Pierre,

your image looks very epic and the shape of your environment looks unique. I like it :slight_smile:

Maybe I would modify the smoke of the spaceship in the foreground because at first view it looks like the shadow of the environment. The left part of the ship needs some light.

By the way I watched your trailer > awsome.



Arctis: Your work is just amazing and grand. I really like the scale of the composition. After checking out the animation you and several otehr people are working on, I can really see how both your CG challenge and the animation influence one another. :slight_smile: Amazing work! keep it up.