Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Pierre Droal


MAybe u should do something bigger an in the first plan. Simply becouse at the moment there is nothing to focus on. Lots of happening, but at the same time no happening at all. I didnt read all the thread so u could have this in plan, but just a suggestion if u dont :slight_smile: Good pic anyway!


:bounce: OOO thats very fantastic ı love this composition :bounce:


WOW! what an impression. Those smokes and elements does give a lot of dynamic movement. However I do agree with “walrus” that those elements does look like missiles and not ships. Its too small to be convince. Maybe just a little bit bigger would better.


Thank U.

Story comming soon. I composite the story and then i must translate to english. :slight_smile:

U do good job too.


very interesting piece!

but… i wouldent admit to having no idea what the ships look like, your suposed to be the designer of this world!

and second, the black smoke on the left of the scene ruins the integrity of your larger structure. it follows the shape of that big pillar so now the pillar looks like it may be made of smoke or clouds as well. its just hard to read.

I realy like the environment design!


Salut Arctis!

The ships you added definitely give more dinamism to your scene. Maybe just a little remark though, I think that they are maybe too black. If you could lower the contrast of the farthest and influence their colors by the environment, it may help I think. And I’d liked to have a better view of one of these ships. I’m just curious to know what they look like. Anyway, I still like very much your environment!:slight_smile: Great work so far!


Here’s a new version with a bigger ship on the foreground. I also removed many spots around the building, it was too much.
The ship’s design is inspired of shells, and I put a little motion blur on it.
I lightened a bit the bottom of the building, and darkened its top, to add more depth.
Later !!!


looks good, I like the way it’s developed! I think the smoketrails are effective - though teh one on teh right looks like the vehicle may collide with the mountain… anyway, look forward to more.


I really like how this is coming along, Arctis. Your city is still just the coolest concept out there!I hope you don’t mind if I make one small observation: I like that you’ve added a spaceship in the foreground, as it obviously addresses one of my earlier concerns. However, it’s I find that it’s really easy to read that ship as an explosion. Why? The color of the ship matches the color of the black smoke. and with all of the motion blur where the jets are firing out of the ship, it reads and those jets just blending inot that smoke-like body shape. And all of the ridges of the shell-ship are emanating out radially from its center, like an explosion would. I hate to bring it up, because I don’t want to always sound like a downer, but I felt you might want to hear it. Maybe a more clearly delineated separation beween engines and ship, or a lighter body, or a slightly simpler form? Or maybe nothing at all! :slight_smile: Anyhow, hope you don’t mind, and again, really great work you’re doing, I really an in awe!



and also, what ever happened to this:
“I search a color that will be colder than background, but not too cold just not to break the ambience ( no violet, or cyan, or pure black : great Titian said that black is blue ).”


Hi everybody,
-Walrus : thanks for your comments,man ! Sorry but I don’t feel the ship is exploding… It’s just a rubbish ship, so if it gives the impression that it’s splitting, I must say I like that.:twisted:
-Daadaa : if I understand you, you mean there’s no more color cooler than BG. Maybe… I will correct it at the end. :wink:

  • Kraull : I’ve changed color of far away ships, to integrate them in the environnement. The biggest one is black to get more depth.
    Later !


Man this is looking sooo awesome. I like the feeling of heavy organic vs. heavy industrial. Very cool.


I’ve made my colors warmer and add a little texture on the whole.


The new changes does certainly bring out the image with depth and clarity. Maybe the smoke is looking a little bit darker or its either not as transparent as it should. It’s also got this harsh transition from going black to white. Unless there is some physics behind it eg. the space craft is using its extra booster at that changing point, in that case its not a point of concern. Hopefully the black ship you have in the foreground is still to be worked on. Looking seriously good.


Beautiful work! I love it. And you have a great sense of scale to your composition, so congrates on that :slight_smile:

Look forward to more updates.!


Oooh, I like the reds that you’ve added.
And that’s cool that the ship doesn’t look like it’s exploding to you, just wanted to point it out so you know it’s a possibility, no need to change it when you’re happy with it… And well you should be! :slight_smile: Nice work.



there’s something crazycool in your pic , mmagnificient !!


I like this one alot. It’s so nice to see something that strays from big mechanical robots and metal pipes. This almost looks like a grand canyon-type monument on some desolate planet. Your composition is very strong, and I can’t wait to see more.


Look great :thumbsup:

I think you should’ve throw that drawing off, and paint the what it needs. It works like the way it is, but I think it would work better like that.



He said (one of his earlier post’s) he wants to give it a special style so it might have looked nice without lineart, I think the lineart in this case would be nessesary because of the style he wants to archieve