Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Pierre Droal


Daadaa, you need to optimize!!! There must be some Faq about optimization (work on low res, hide object, etc…). Personnaly I did a lot of compositing, to avoid heavy scene in Max.
Good luck !


lol one of my weak points is litriture and any sort of reading what so ever… im at a quite high level of modelling and only done one tutorial… rest is learn as you go… lol so faqs arnt my cup of tea i have to say.

i do optimise some… i do have most things set as “display as box” … but its that i go into LOADS of detail on single components… and a single part of something can reach up to around 20k… lol, im still a noob i guess… :stuck_out_tongue:


arctis, I kind of understand what you are trying to achieve, but I still look at your image and I could not see that simply by looking at your image without it being accompanied by your words. What I would normally percieve if I had, for the first time, looked at it is, “wow, very nice rendering of a city in some sort of mountainous or rocky terrain. Beautiful and grand” but I would have no clue of a story or the reason for the birdseye view of this otherworldly sight. I might just think it’s a concept image to illustrate an idea for a movie backing or something. I have no suggestions, but for this challenge I think you need your image to completely illustrate your thoughts and story in itself. So whatever it is your thinking, try to incorporate it into your image rather than just an aerial view of an aliean city. As it is a ‘grand’ view, I believe what the judges will be looking for is a well illustrated ‘grand’ story to be able to be read from it as well. A picture of a mountain is grand, or niagra falls, but a picture of that alone would not be fitting for this challenge, there would need to be a reason for it to be featured in the image and the reason would need to be clearly illustrated within the image.
hope I made sense! take care man


Wow, Arctics, your pic has some kind organic feeling, so unique:thumbsup: . Great image…have a high potential on it. I’m looking forward to see yours!!


GREAT!!! simply great idea man! :thumbsup: now i like it even more!
keep it going this way!


:applause: Great composition…and love the landscape. This is really original in ideas and style and definitely hints at the epic scale needed.

I look forward to seeing how this develops…keep the great WIPs coming!! :thumbsup:


Thanx for your reactions, all of you !!!
Steve, I understand your point of view, but when I see other reactions on that thread, I think that all is possible with the jury. As I can’t foretell their reaction, I prefer to follow my “instinct”.
Many times I’ve shown my works to a jury, and their opinion always surprised me, so now I consider that’s absolutly out of my control… So I will see.



Hi, All my encouragements for your GSO, thinks you of adding some
vehicles or civilizations with your large decorations
Good road


Hi, everyone !
I’ve added 2 ships running away to the city, to put more action in the scene. Black smog is caused by diesel powered engine, not very ecological… sorry greenpeace !
Later !


Wow, those 2 ships really add to the spiralness of this piece… Just when you think it can’t get any cooler, it does! Because of the black smoke and how small the ships are, they read to me as missiles, not ships… But I have no problem with that as it adds a feeling of conflict. Anyhow, curious what else (if anything) you plan to do with this, it’s looking nice!



once again great stuff Pierre !!! :thumbsup: i’m doing very similar stuff for mount and landscape in my scene… now it’s not ready yet but when i’ll post first sketch of my composition you can see it’s very similar… and btw your work helps me a lot to get a clear idea in what direction i have to move for my stuff… thank you for that mate!!!
keep it up man!! extremely cool project your doing here!! :thumbsup:


Holy crap! Talk about great flow. Nice work.


Good idea to have put these two ships! It makes us feel the scale of your original environment! I haven’t remarked the tiny lights of city perhaps in the rock… This thing is huge!! O_o’ :eek:

see you


Hi again! That´s what I was talking about! The two ships give dinamics, intrigue, action! In my opinion I like another one a bit closer ot us. Excellent work!! Keep on it!!!


great idea about the ships . . . but as walrus said. make it more obvios that they are ships . . . because they do read as missiles. But this is a beutiful piece.


Your landscape is great!The ships is a good addition but i think they could be larger.The landscape is bad to be hidden.A compromise can be found. I have the same thougths concerning my entry.My characters would take much space in the scene, but then i will not show the vast world you show in your entry.Its difficult to decide.


Wow!!! I love this… very dynamic… excelent!
Good luck!


The two ships give more level to the composition, and a better sense of scale but as Walrus and others said, maybe you have to emphasize that the ships are ships, not missiles… And the black smoke looks GREAT


I’ve made a new update, with more ships flying around the city.
I had two choices about missile-looking ships : I do bigger ships, OR I do plenty of small ships buzzing around the building, to suggest city 's traffic.
I chose the second possibility, because I have absolutly no idea of ship’s shape, and I don’t enjoy drawing it…
Later !!!


i really like how this image is turning out but i still think there is very little depth in it.