Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Pierre Droal


The renderring and the concept is really great so far. Those are some really dynimic shapes you’re using there! Are there going to be any characters or ships incorporated into the final image? I know your intent is to show this as a snapshot of a past conflict, but it’s hard right now to get a sense of whether this is the result of a conflist of just a natural formation. Prhaps something to tie it in a bit more with your theme? Either way, it is really dramatic. Good luck with it!



Thanks for your reactions !
Yes, Mike, there will be more life in the picture. For the moment, I prefer drawing environnement and structures before I add city lights and ships on fire… Be patient :wink:



It’s getting even better with those clouds!

Keep up the good work!


Keep it fresh and not too worked. I love the flow and also the clouds. It is very netherworld! Keep up the good work.


Wow! it looks great, very nice sketch. I love the landscape and clouds.


Very impressive your last wip. I’ll have an eye on your thread.


Hi everybody,
I’ve detailed a little bit more my picture. I put some dirt on the building, and add more complexity. It was too clean before.
I also add some city lights, as I promissed, and I found a trick for drawing fastly alot of little lights :

  • I fill in white the area where I want the lights
  • Then I scratch it with a very sharp eraser until it remains only little pieces of white.
    It’s easier than making thousands white points! Maybe you all knew that for a long time, but it was a relief for me to find it.
    I will add more life later (ships in action)


The city lights give to the picture a sense of a VERY big place and more realism.


Hi Arctis, you’ve got a very strong composition there, I like it a lot. I find it a bit hard to judge scale at this point, though you say you’ll be adding ships and other objects which should make it more easy to read. Also, I didn’t know they were city lights until I read your post, it’s such an organic structure I mistook them for specular highlights. I look forward to further development. Keep 'em coming! :thumbsup:


It looks organic, strange but a nice form. Referring to Speaky’s comment, I think its because we don’t see that structure as an obvious form like a space ship or buildings which makes it a little difficult to depict those glows as city light. The other point I have is, generally lights lit up when its dark, probably there is just too much global lighting around for us to visualise those as cities Nevertheless it look stunning so far and I’ll be watching for the new developments. Keep up the unique great work!


hi Pierre…
really great surrealistic stuff !!! :thumbsup:

looking forward to see development !


Thanks for your reactions !
About the city lights, I understand that some of you don’t recognize it, because the object doesn’t have the look of a city, but that’s not so important. The essential for me is that the picture makes you dream - I hope it will…- , make you imagine something I haven’t thought about.
The first time I saw StarTrek the movie - a shock, I was 8 - I thought there were inhabitants in the V’ger ship, because of the little spots of light. I misunderstood what was V’ger - no aliens on board !- But that mistake gave me a lot of ideas before I realized I was wrong.
That’s the reason why It is not really a problem if my picture looks a little bit abstract.

Later ! !


Arctis, thank you for your comments!

teknotek83 stole the exact words I thought when I first came to your page, “holy crap!”
I really enjoy your imagery, very beautiful and inspiring! it is also a concept that you will be able to create many original paintings from in the future if you develop the story!
One thing I’m not clear on though, you said you wanted this to be a snapshot of the first contact between humans and aliens… but I’m not sure I see the connection? Where are the 2 races and where/how are they contacting?

it’s very hard to critique something of this nature! very nice, good luck!


I agree with Newport, it’s kinda hard to read your snapshot idea, maybe because you are still working on it. A great rendering, very organic, almost slimy looking. I guess I have to wait and see


Hi Steve & 2kre8,
The contact will not appear on the picture, the picture IS the contact ( or the proof of it). It’s only a visual contact, a “close encounter of the first - or second- kind”, and not of a third kind -communication-.
As I said in my description, we see with the eyes of an isolated satellite, which sent these pictures to earth before it disappeared. Through this fugitive vision, I want to suggest regrets of what could have happened - if we had time to communicate with them -, but unfortunatly will remain impossible.
It’s like when you pass in front of Disneyland by car, without entering : it’s frustrating !!!
I’ll give the look of an old snapshot to the pict at the end. For the moment it’s still the clean image.


Very promising picture! Lots of dynamic what I like the most here and its big so there is no question about its grandness. Im still missing some action or life going on here, but i see u r planning doing that later. Maybe the color scheme is too monochromatic at the moment, but thats just my opinion. Keep up the good work!


Don’t worry, Ninjassn, I will add more colors, to make it less monochromatic. The global tint I’m looking for is between mono and polychromatic, like a faded color photo.:slight_smile:

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hi, a little off the subject, but just viewed your website and also the trailer… my god will i love a render farm that will allow me to do graphics like that… its like i try to get my PC to render a non textured/bumped hi res model takes like 24hours and then scenes takes more or less years… lol
Anyway, that trailer is awsome… though sorry to be picky, the one thing i didnt like is the close up of that persons face right after you see the hands… but not saying its not good, just not as high quality as the rest is what im trying to say :stuck_out_tongue:
its a BIG wow to see that… your now my new idol! lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanx alot, Daadaa,
Well I don’t know what kind of PC you have, but mine was a XP1800+ (1,5 Ghz) to make to whole film. It’s not a fantastic engine but that’s enough.


… i got amd64 oced to 2.8 + 1gig ddr400 ram + x800xt… and max is sooooo slow to work with (max7)… :frowning: