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Pierre Droal has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: The only time we met them …

here’s my final entry !

I remind everyone the story of this picture, untitled “the only time we met them…” :
I imagined that a satellite - like Pioneer - met by chance an alien civilisation, and sent to earth one single image of the scene before its batteries ran down. Then many years have passed, but this single photo, injured by time, remains the only proof that an alien culture once existed…

Bye !


welcome to the challenge! good luck!


Hello everybody !
Here is the concept sketch of my project : a building inspired of dead trees.


Hello again,
now here is my line art, that is more precise.


holy crap. that is quite the beautiful terrain you’ve got there! :smiley:

show more!!


Here is my first color sketch ; I will send immediatly a second one with an explanation.


Hi everyone,

Last time I forgot to talk about my intentions in my project :

I’d like to make a picture that looks a little bit like an old sepia photo of the XIXth century. I want it to be an old memory of the first contact between the human people and an alien civilization. It represents the exact moment that would change the life of billions people, a moment that disappears because of time injuries…

Based on my line art, I started to make colours, in order to create a hot and dry atmosphere, like in desert for ex. I set my drawing in a transparent blending mode, then I chose a background color, and start painting the volume of the object.I use a simple brush (50% opacity) and my eraser (30%).
After that, I add a new color to make first shadows and reinforce volumes. I search a color that will be colder than background, but not too cold just not to break the ambience ( no violet, or cyan, or pure black : great Titian said that black is blue ).

Voila voila …

PS : thank you for your encouragements, Mr Teknotek83, and good luck to you.


Hi, nice work you have there! I like the stile a lot and the “flow” of the composition, some art nouveau style and the old style color palette. I like the story you have in mind but you must show it. If this encounter had happened many time ago there could be some marks of how those civilizations look, and perhaps a new civilization (space ships, etc) discovering the place.
Good luck!


I’m so impressed by all the unique ideas in this contest. Not just a bunch of Star Wars rip offs (which is fine, it’s just been done). This is another unique idea, I like it a lot. Cool flow to the pic. Can’t wait to see more.


I like your style and think this image is remarkable in that it (somehow!) does feel like a snapshot, somewhere we don’t normally see or belong. My only substantive comment would be most colours in the desert tend to be warm or at least variations of each other. I think because the light is so bright ie I’ve been to the Sahara, and where the sand was yellow-white, the shadows were yellow-white with a hint of red or brown; only deepest shadows under sitting camel say would get deeper burnt browns - rarely a contrasting blue). But I guess that’s as much subjective personal taste and a stylistic decision as it is reality :slight_smile:


Very interesting environment! Nice rendering too! Very clean!


Great sense of scale! Will you be adding characters to reflect the initial meeting of humans and the alien civilization?

Gord MacDonald


i love the whole twisted environment,nice!!


Hi everyone !

Thank you very much for your comments, they are really interesting.
I agree about the fact that it needs more life, so I will add some details suggesting that people are living in that place (space ships, lighting…). But I don’t want them to be too visible, so that we can feel the distance between them and us.
I will also work on the background, that is totally empty. About the “desert light”, I trust you, Mr Bolchover ! I would like to go to Sahara, to feel the place, because that’s the only way to know it. So I will try to make the ambience warmer, with more unified colours.

Thank you


Hi everybody,

I will soon put more life in the picture ( ships, city lights etc…) but for the moment, I prefer to work on the landscape.
I added some clouds around the building, because in my mind, the tower was built on the top of a mountain, in order to escape from dramatic storms that occur very often under the clouds.
Planet Venus gave me that idea : Venus looks like Earth from afar, but inside its atmosphere it’s hell !
My clouds are some kind of cumulus, so thick that it could be made of stone.I painted it in 4 times :
_ Big shapes with a large brown brush (30% opacity)
_ then I add a black-green color to shade clouds far from lights
_ I draw light edges that define better cloud’s shape.
_ To finish, a little hint of aerograph on the white parts of the picture, to make reflecting light more blinding.
I also add some white smog on the distant part of the buiding, to suggest there is a tangible atmosphere between it and us.

Thats all for the moment.


excellent clouds …man i’m jelous!!!


Great imagery, I really like the way your lines flow. Excellent use of Sepia colours!


Wow I must say I love the idea, Seems fresh and new to me, keep it up im looking forward to seeing more


Very nice work on the environment. :slight_smile: This would have been a great idea to work with also for the Alineware challenge :slight_smile:

But great work, I look forward to more!


Great colors man!!!Great lines too.
I’m curious how you gonna put some space opera here in it.
Be’ll watching this thread:)


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