Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Pawel Lewandowski


time to finish it :slight_smile:


How did I miss that thread before?? :argh:

I love the mood of this image. Great work :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I much changed :slight_smile:


great work man, as it was stated before it has a wonderful mood. no crits, i like the stillness you have manged to achieve in it, plus i have a soft spot for single colour pallates. good luck


conudrum: big thanks :slight_smile:


I loved your first final image, the mood, the brush strokes, the starkness of it all… it was very powerful.

This latest piece is wonderfully done but I don’t think it has any where near the emotional impact as the first.

Beautiful work regardless!


line art


new colouring


I’m liking the mood set in your work. There is a lot of space and it kind of give that sense of a cold chilling feel of space. Good Luck.


cgkrusty: thanks. last work satisfies me more.


i see you’r putting more “GRAND” into your picture… nice :slight_smile:

but i agree with cgkrusty, previous wasnt so sintetic, has a lot more “humanity” in it. this one is cold and technical.




WoW? i said more later than your pic is very nice, but now the big ship is a very nice piece of paint, great work, more realistic, i like this big ship, good luck


The image is looking almost finished so you must be feeling very satisfied - well done.
I can certainly imagine that image being the front poster for a space blockbuster.

The low-level mist works very well and I think that the way it is illuminated is very effective. I could imagine the silhouette of someone or something emerging from it toward the smaller station in the foreground…

great development work and some superb painting.


I agree with kengi, that superstructure now loks bit too synthetic, compared to lower part of the image. It needs some freehand brushstrokes and lines. Good luck :slight_smile:




uff I finished almost :slight_smile:


end is near…


Here’s the final image. Thanks for all your support!



Woa! Lovely… think I just got a new favorite. Exellent work. :thumbsup: