Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Pawel Lewandowski


I really like ur concept! Lots of emptyness with action in the bottom. The picture can breath that way, and there is so much space for imagine whats there… lots of emotions here… and lonelyness… great! I must also say that ur technique is awesome :slight_smile:
Good luck!


i like the impression of gigantisk univers the little building in a desert with a very good choice of color, good work


Looks fantastic. Just one thing: have you ever seen a planet / moon that’s darker than the surrounding sky? It looks like it’s within the planet’s atmosphere.


Beautiful, minimal composition. It has a great sense of lonelyness. I did like it better when the ship was farther back in the atmoshere - it was more of an impending sense of doom or discover, whatever you prefer : )


The colors are just perfect! Much better than that Warmer Color WIP.

Real serene outback world! :slight_smile:

Some really interesting thing is going to happen for those in that building…storytelling at highest level!


Good use of space…i like it a lot…confident composition.



I introduced small change :wink:


Cool image…love the mood of it…it feels very eerie…you have a great style! just check your new huge planet on the left…it doesn’t look to be totally round…otherwise very cool indeed…cheers

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Woow!, I love it, looks great. All the colors looks nice, you have a good idea.
Very cool style and designs.

Grand Space Opera - Leo Calv


line art


Colouring of details.


This is truly a title of less is more :thumbsup:

Only thing confusing me is that huge planet? on the left. Is about to crash into their world? So they are all leaving?

Keep working on the planet. Lots of lines, but they only look like lines. Not shapes.

Very good work with this piece!


Very nice pic, i like the atmosphere, great work


My impression of that big planet was at first a hull of a really huuge spaceship… maybe that is not a bad idea ? It could actually look interesting that way.


Great! Great! Great!
fantastic atmosphere.

Very very good.:thumbsup:

go on!


After left side it has to be large planet. It does not have time in order to introduce big changes.


yeah not bad idea…


Hello :slight_smile:

artwork look really nice. it have its originall design.
however it looks to me little empty, maybe because it isn’t that much dynamic
that I would expect from such a picture.
it is good that planet have little diferent colors, coz its getting too much monochromatic for me. I would put some little accent of red flares from engine, some wing-lights or something.

anyway, keep it up man!


Looking great so far Pawel. I think you have some work to do before its over but a great amount of progress so far! Keep it up!


Thanks for comments and support.