Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Pawel Lewandowski


Pawel Lewandowski has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: finish - closeUP2

My final image.


hey,welcome to the challenge,i wish u the best of luck !


hi all!

one of the first concepts

PS Thanks NOOB!


well hello, i was waiting four you :)… good luck.
first concept is promissing.


good idea - what r u going to use ? photoshop? or just crayons ??


It looks somewhat plain, there’s not much to look at right now but at least it’s easy to see what’s happening in the scene.


Yeah, I think getting one of those ships in the foreground more, or skewing the viewing angle could give it a more dynamic look.


first sketch color


LOoks great I love the cleanness of it all. I really would like to see more in the background that suggests a “grand civilization” but the overall feeling of grand you have accomplished :slight_smile: Great work!

Just to add, perhaps the background , which to me looks like enormouse foliage from trees, could have a vast wall of similar buildings/huts with little lights giving them a pressece in the background. :slight_smile: Just an idea.


next sketch color…


id go with the blue, and wow, great composition =D


Hey there, this is turning out nice but I have to agree that there doesnt seem to be much happening… I mean, If I actually saw this in real life I’d shit myself…but as a picture, it’s lacking the ‘Grandness’ aspect. : ) good luck!


Heyy i love this picture!
Maybe you should build a very big ship in the blur background.
It could be great!!


i guess some update is in order :wink:


finish concept


What a beautiful, gorgeous subtle piece.

I love it… feels like a concept painting for a future Aliens film.

Great stuff!


Thanks behind pane answer :slight_smile:


Hi, In your image, have direction well imposing space and the details
of your architecture allures my eyes.


Great mood…I hadn’t noticed your entry! Beautiful work! Just one small suggestion: perhaps you could give the beacons a vertical rectangular light instead of a circular one. Like this you wouldn’t confuse it with stars, and they would immediately stand out as manmade lights.

Keep it up. This is great!


Your concept is one of my favourite, so I REALLY wish you finish it on time (11 days remaining !):bounce:
Probably it would work better if the planet is really huge ( spreading on the whole width of your pict.)
Good luck !