Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Patrick Jensen


Hi, All my compliment for your price.


Congratulations:thumbsup: … Absolutly stunning piece of art!


Tommy Lee


Hi Patrick,

your thesis? What topic did you choose? Btw-where do you study?
wish you success with that > but I´m sure it will have 1st runner up quality :slight_smile:

best regards


Im glad to see u on the top on the list. A true masterpiece! Congratulations and I hope we’ll see in next challenge as well :slight_smile:


Congratulations for the 1 runner, i’ll sure you win


I’m glad that you place that well! :slight_smile: I really like your picture. The sky and pyro effects are so nicely done + well balanced pic too.


Thanks so much everybody.

I’m wrapping up my last year at Ringling School of Art and Design. Majoring in Computer Animation, your thesis is actually an animated short, completed solely by you from concept to final render. Things are real busy right now, but this challenge arrived at the perfect time, and it’s length was long enough, I could work on this image during breaks and down time.

It was sure great seeing all of your works progress. Congrats to all!


  • Patrick


Patrick - Really beautiful work, I’m happy to see that you made it onto the short list. Congratulations!



Congrats Patrick! Love your work, looking forward to seeing you in the next one.


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