Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Patrick Jensen


Tonsen i only saw COLORING WIP’s … not final coloring… not final image…

Dont tell me you arent going to make it?
Its the last day! Hurry! Finish the pic up. You must upload all versions and the huge final tiff also… Only few hours left! :bounce:


Thanks for posting the close-ups! It’s really nice to see how loosely (or not) various areas of the painting are being renderred. It’s looking great! I really like the improvements in the lower right explosion. I have to confess that i really miss the twin curving vapor trails. Sure they bisected the image, but they added a kinetic energy to the piece, and they tied in that upper left ship into the whole scene. (it feels a bit purposeless now.) Also, the curves of the trails accented the curve of the horizon really nicely.
But obviously some folks weren’t as crazy about it. It’s hard to please 100 back-seat art directors!
anyhow, still looking good. good luck with the final submission!



Alas! It is complete.

Thanks to all your help on this one. I’ve learned so much and had a blast painting this challenge.

I’ll post up the final image with more info momentarily.


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Again, again and again, it’s amazing pic, no crit i’m definitly fan it’s a great piece of art, for me and now she’s the best, you are a master:shrug:, i think i don’ alone with this avis



“Amongst a time of peace and prosperity,
The lost Driggers appear out of legend,
To Illuminate the sky with their renewal of power.”

Greetings All,

I’ve had such a great time working on this one. I thought I’d share some of the goals I wanted to shoot for:

  • To paint an advanced civilisation from the air.
  • To achieve a cloudscape that advances towards us in depth.
  • To put the viewer on a ship, watching this horror take place.
  • And to try and achieve a look that in say 5,000 years, with you on that ship too, a photograph from yourself might capture this scene.

The city was a fun challenge, and a large body of water was on the list of things to try and render. The explosions too are a new thing for me, and have been a blast, heh, to have a go at. And getting the viewer on this ship has been fun as well.

When I first thought Grand Space Opera, I compared painting this scene to that of conducting an Opus - Throwing in space ships, an epic landscape, a setting sun, mass explosions and lots going on. All in all, I’m glad to have been part of this challenge, and have greatly appreciated your feedback and help during this process. I’ve sure enjoyed seeing the variety of work everyone’s been posting. Great work!

Hope you have as much fun viewing this work as it was to create it.

All the best,



Great work i really liked looking at the new higher resolution version. Those small ships coming from horizon is great touch :thumbsup:

They give more depth to allready awesome sky.

But you also made a mistake doing this part in such a hurry. Just to the right part of the picture were is that horizon. You divided the planes into 4 different planes. Which at those distances would have worked better if the shading would have been uniform. Creating only 1 plane with hills. There is not enough distance for such effect.

Well you can be really proud of this pic :scream: This gonna be somewhere high. Cant promise you the grand prize. Too many awesome works in for it this time.

Good luck! … Btw go give critique to my work now that you arent in a hurry anywhere.:slight_smile:


Your final image are impressive. The lightning and the colors are beautiful and the texture of the ship at the right is…no words (How you did it?)


Tonsen, damn that’s a good pic! :eek: Well done sir, you have done yourself proud. I wish my clouds were half as good as yours! :thumbsup:


Falcor - Thanks for the spot on that area. It was a last minute detail that I thought I should establish. And, since the server was doing a better a moment ago, I fixed the image and uploaded a new tiff with the change. Thanks very much for that.

And thanks for all the comments!

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ahem! someones gonna win!


Well hello there! Im really glad I finally saw ur finished piece. It is a superb one with all that colors, dynamic, contrast… I just love it. Hope to see more stuff from u soon. Good luck!


After the end, it’s, for me, the best pic, congratulation for this work, you have my vote


I like the colors and the result of the final image.

Good work



daadaa: ahh, heh, we shall see! but Thank You!

NinjaASSN: I’m glad too, that you pulled yours off in the end. That was a pretty heavy scene to deal with. Great job!

MDN67: Thank you. I’m so glad you enjoy it.

Maxter: Thanks!

Hope you all are having a great time browsing through the entries as I am. I think it’s been a great challenge, with such enthusiasm and encouragement…I love seeing the path each person took with their images. Awesome work folks! I’m glad to have been a part of it this time.

Cheers all around!

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Congratulations Patrick!!! :thumbsup: must be a good feeling.


nice colors, the clouds are great , as well as the light reflections on the big ship

congrats !


Hi Patrick,

congratiulations for 1st runner up!

best regards


Great job!! And holy crap- the best prize by far! I look forward to seeing what you do now.


Congrats man… awesome job!


Thank you so much! And congrats to all of you as well! Fahrija - your critiques are very constructive and appreciated. Nice work on the award :slight_smile: And thanks Eric! I’m gonna get back to finishing my thesis and hopefully have some new paintings up real soon. And I have to say, the story within your image is very refreshing and captivating, I’m definitely looking forward to your future work as well.

krusty, Squibb, and element - Thanks!! Have yourself a grand ol’ day :slight_smile:


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