Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Patrick Jensen


Hey everybody,

Getting a bit more stylistic with this update. Not sure if it will be the final look, but it’s always easy to pull it back in the end. What do you think?

More ships are coming, and the top ship will be better defined as well as some of the details on the main one.

Most importantly…I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks again for the comments and critique, and as always, keep up the amazing work.

  • Jensen



Your silence on the last update reassured my feeling that I took a step backwards with that last revision, which is probably the best comment I could have gotten at the time, heh.

Hopefully I’ve brought back some of the successful elements and made some improvements. The main smoke trails have still yet to be addressed.

Your feedback would be most helpful as I wrap this one up, thanks!


It’s again me, i prefer this style of ship, the pic is… incredible, i like the ambiance, clouds, light, sky, all the élément, for me it’s th best project of this challenge, very good work, no,… amazing work


No silence from this quarter looks fab…great ambiance and lots of punch…great work all the way through.

(My Grand Space Opera Challenge Page)


Patrick - This is the strongest image by far. I like the original spaceship that you’ve reverted to much more than the temporary replacement. The warmer tinge on the engines/lights works much better than what you had earlier, 'though i still find them drawing the eyes a lot because they’re so glaring. The explosion in the lower right isn’t quite reading as powerful yet, mostly because it’s so transparent. But I assume that you will work on that more along with the smoke trails that you said you still wanted to touch.

Not much else to add: Good luck finishing it up, and have a good weekend!



Oh one thing, at the right, on the ship, before you added a metal reflec, You removed it to put it other than I find less well


Tonsen thats pretty clever to be able to achieve improvements by just looking at the thread reply response time :wise:

Next time ill be using that technique also! TRRT time… yeah :thumbsup:

Blueish hues really did nothing for your piece. It only broke down the illusion of the horizon and colors.

Look out for the lower right corner. Flames or smokes look messy not cool at all.
Smoke needs to have some feeling of opaque not just transparency. Big buffy smoke not let colors eminate from behind… They should only gather colors from ambience only.


Beautiful Work, my only crit is to say that the large smoke trail divides the illustration in half. Great technical skills here :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hi Tonsen,

I breathe again :slight_smile: I love this version very much!:thumbsup:

I know I should have posted that I personaly thought the new development wasn´t so strong Will not happen again. :bowdown:



Hah! I’m so glad you people are enjoying this. I always laugh when I make mistakes or take a tangent to an ugly direction. Always makes getting back on point seem that much more rewarding than straight linear progress.

MDN67: Thanks so much! I tried simplifying the metal’s specular, and will see what it looks like adding a bit of it back in.

6800AD: Glad you like it, thanks!

Mike: Thanks, man! I didn’t even notice how transparent it was getting on the bottom right explosion. That area will soon be remedied. Have a good one too!

Falcor: Got it. Should be fun refining that area, heh.

SideAche: I’ve been aware of the trail seeming to divide the piece. I still haven’t found a better solution, but as it still gets notice, I’ll keep at it and hopefully find an answer, thanks!

Fahrija: haha, glad you’re breathing again. And no worries about not posting. Looks like you’ve been busy enough with your painting (which is looking great!)

Any other comments would be heaply appreciated. Thanks for your time,

  • Tonsen


so this is why i havent seen you lately!

:slight_smile: haha i keeed i keeed. jeez its looking good there Mr. J. i cant wait to see it all finished!


Hey there… wow, looking good so far. Nice balance of colour throughout. The spikes really give the image that edge although I’m not entirely sure whats happening… I am pretty tyred though ; )

Did you use reference for the landscape and skyline?.. I imagine so as it’s spot on. Great job mate, look forward to the final opera, fat lady and all!


As far as I can tell, this doesnt need any more changes. Maybe I’m missing something, but as it stands, it looks awesome- fantastic colors, details, everywhere, and definitely a very grand feel.


This is looking good, the colours has turned out well. Its got good action and a nice scenic view. Be quick to put your submission through. It would be a dissapointment if it isn’t in. Good luck.


I’ve been wondering what to use for my line art milestone since I don’t use lines when constructing a painting, as you can see from the process. I suppose the concept sketch was closer to a line art foundation than what reference photos you use, but since some of you were wondering about those clouds - Here are the pictures I took around Florida and above Italy that helped define the sort of cloud formations I was looking for. After heavy tweaking and painting, the results are as you see in the painting.

Speaking of painting, I better get back to it! Thanks very much for the comments and feedback. I should have a final up tonight (Sunday).



Original Res is mainly 3500 x 2220 px. Although in some areas I doubled that so I could work more fluently on some trouble spots I had.

Hope you enjoy these details and the latest revision which is coming up momentarily.


  • Tonsen


Hey folks!

I’ve been having a blast with detailing. I hope you all enjoy the latest!

Comments and critique are still welcome, because I’m taking a break now and coming back to knock off the final fixes. (After double checking the image on another monitor).

PS: the fleet of ships coming at us…I’m not quite happy with them yet, but other than that, it’s almost finished!

Thanks for all the help. Enjoy!

  • Tonsen


beautifull work!
it took me a while before i knew there was an explosion in the bottom right corner… i dont know if thats good or bad. Kinda nice to not have an explosion be a focal point though. so i guess i like it! :slight_smile: amazing work!


You’re exactly right…didn’t want that one to be too much of a focus. Glad you like it!


hi Tonsen,

it is just beautiful. :thumbsup: The atmosphere and color are great and especially the spaceships metal sheen on the right handside (stunning). The single trails look very convincing now after retracting them and fit much better into the scene.

Great work. I love it.