Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Patrick Jensen


Wow, I really like this, nice comp and great angles.


one of my favorite works thus far. i cannot wait to see how this ends up.


:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

Now it’s truely better in color balance, maybe a bit too bright in general…but overally splendid!



I really like this image, very cool :applause:


Hey folks!

I’m glad you all like the direction it’s going. An update should be coming up this weekend. It’s been a bit difficult getting the perspective down and also compositionally, what the focus should be, etc. So stay tuned and thanks for the input!!


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mate it’s awesome, when i saw the thumbnail I was like… and the winner is… yeh would definitiely like to see some more detail, but the colours work for sure.


Hey folks!

Thanks again for all the great support. I’m having a blast on this one, and have started to refine a few areas. Once I get more changes into the whole piece, I’ll post it on up.



man i love seeing artist work from start to more refined,excellent,ur colour choices are spot on!

both of those latest pics are cool.i dunno which one you should go for!!


great new sketches! keep’em coming!


Well, you are really gifted, dude !
I really like the way you suggest reality with abstract shapes of light. I’ve seen on your website that you’re only 21 ! I wonder what you gonna do at 30 or 40 !
Bravo !

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Thanks very much for the kind words.

So here’s what I have so far, the whole piece as it stands right now. It’s very much still in progress, but I wanted to show you waht the whole thing’s looking like. I’ve been messing with the clouds for a while, and as you can see they’re still very very rough. Once I figure out shapes and colors I’ll get in there and refine them to look more like clouds. I’m not sure about the explosion on the bottom left, because I want the focus to be up there on the ship’s explosion. So I might get rid of the lower one. And the idea is, maybe we’re on some kind of building watching this horrible and spectacular event take place, or we’re on some kind of ship fleeing the scene. You can notice the redish hint of a cloud layer above the city, which will get more refined to look more like clouds and less like Photoshop, heh. A lot of changes to come, but mainly the struggle to keep it from getting too messy, yet pull it into refinement.

Definitely a fun one. And great job to everyone else!! There’s some mighty fine work being made here.




you’ve got the fish eye lens going there. its working great.


This is looking quite good. Love the perspective. I really like the loose brush work going on. Very painterly. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Coming along perfectly so far. I really have nothing constructive to say, great work :slight_smile:


Hi Tonsen, just gotta say it’s really working for me. Impressive field of view, good strong subject matter. If I could make a suggestion, it would be to tone down the saturation as it seems to be pretty full on all over. I might also lower the overall values so that you could really focus on the upper ship’s explosion by giving it more contrast and saturation than the rest of the pic. At the moment it’s struggling to appear as a centre of interest. Generally though, great stuff, I’m enjoying watching this pic develop.


it’s an impressive scene you have ! I really like the city and its blending lights : it’s striking !
Good choice of lens : fish eye is ideal for hudge scale.
I am just disturbed by the way the ship upleft is binding : it seems elastic. Maybe the nose of the two ships in the sky need to be higher, to respect fish eye deformation.
anyway, beautiful work, Mr Tonsen.

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Lightning and perspective are great. The lower city and the sun reflection in the sea likes me very much. But maybe the upper right clouds nearby the explosion are too much round. Impressive work!


Hey Tonsen,
Nice development >I really like this image. :slight_smile:

The two explosions have nearly the same size but they refer to different scales. The profound impact is that one in the background. Maybe the front explosion could be turn into a bunch of little fires accrued by little fighters. Just to accentuate the big explosion again.



Miker, SideAche, and sidchagen > Awesome. Glad you like it! Thanks very much.

Speaky > I definitely agree, and once you said that, I made some quick changes and color overlays to push the rest of the image back a bit, and it’s much more enjoyable, and less punchy now. Nice!

Arctis > You’re not liking that left ship either. Glad you think that too. I’ll work up some different options and get em up. I might have to quickly model a ship and paint over it to get things more accurate. Should be fun nonetheless. Good spot.

LuisNCT > Nice and round and fluffy doesn’t = nasty explosion. I agree, heh, those will get more varied and more cloud or ploomlike with refinement.

Fahrija > It’s amazing how when I paint, i reference things in the image. I’ll paint a cloud and it’ll have the same silhouette as a ship, or paint a tier in the city, and it looks like a spike on a ship. This is probably on of the biggest things I’m learning on this one, is consciously struggling with making things not line up with eachother, make things more organic, less predictable, and resultly more interesting and natural. I feel the explosion is weak too, it was a device to take up some space, and I’ll definitely try out your suggestion, because I think it would be a fun one. And I’m also really enjoying your work Fahrija! Keep it up!

Welp, these were some great suggestions people. Thank you very much. I’m very eager to continue working on this one. Cheers!

  • Tonsen


Hi. You have a great developing work in here! I thin as you: the bottom explosion do not help. If you remove it, the composiotn will gain. Besides I think the little ship in the background looks a liyttle lose there. Perhaps is the trail, as it is a white strong curve. Having an important point of perspective in the sun you could direct its move like the ship is coming from there, or something like that or you could remove its trail, too. Well, just ideas, you know. Kepp going!