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Patrick Jensen has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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“Amongst a time of peace and prosperity,
The lost Driggers appear out of legend,
To Illuminate the sky with their renewal of power.”

Greetings All,

I’ve had such a great time working on this one. I thought I’d share some of the goals I wanted to shoot for:

  • To paint an advanced civilisation from the air.
  • To achieve a cloudscape that advances towards us in depth.
  • To put the viewer on a ship, watching this horror take place.
  • And to try and achieve a look that in say 5,000 years, with you on that ship too, a photograph from yourself might capture this scene.

The city was a fun challenge, and a large body of water was on the list of things to try and render. The explosions too are a new thing for me, and have been a blast, heh, to have a go at. And getting the viewer on this ship has been fun as well.

When I first thought Grand Space Opera, I compared painting this scene to that of conducting an Opus - Throwing in space ships, an epic landscape, a setting sun, mass explosions and lots going on. All in all, I’m glad to have been part of this challenge, and have greatly appreciated your feedback and help during this process. I’ve sure enjoyed seeing the variety of work everyone’s been posting. Great work!

Hope you have as much fun viewing this work as it was to create it.

All the best,

  • Tonsen


Hmmm. The goal of this was to see if I could get a camera’s lens to give the kind of scale I rendered below. Might use it, not sure yet. Just showing another thought here, :slight_smile:


Hey everybody!

Stole an hour tonight to rough out this concept. Got the basic direction I’m wanting to go. Not sure how far I want to put the viewer off the planet, so the foreground elements are really rough right now. Got the preliminary pallette down though…and I think there needs to be more ships, heh. So, I’ll post more as it comes!

Thoughts, suggestions, always welcome


  • Jensen


The scetch has great mood and much density. The shapes are to loose yet to evaluate the image accurate. Looks promising > I´m looking forward to see further development.


wow! I love the scale and direction you are taking. It reminds me of pirates ships but in space. :slight_smile:


Truely good colors in here, maybe the greenish tint on the right is a little “out of place” in the reds, oranges, and blacks, but overally a good mood!


twitchdie That’s about all I can do. So awsome. The colors and light and the composition too. I love it, just like that. So that’s a garuntee the finished product will blow me away.


Thanks for the critiques and enthusiasm! Lessening the green was a good choice there. This is just an idea for the bottom half of the piece. It’ll be fun refining structures once I lock down a concept. Still might try some other options, so we’ll see what happens.

Gotta run, and thanks for the input!

  • Jensen


wow, very dynamic, very strong. This is going to be great


That’s awesome. Great perspective.
<mutters something about competition and goes to work on own piece>


That’s great!
esp the depth and the color!
Hope to see the final!!!


The colors used in the sunset, explosions (?) are beautiful. Almost looks like the sky is on fire. The cityscape gives a look of a city built around a beach. Good progress.


Very nice indeed, i like that yellow it makes it stand out :thumbsup:


Oho! Very strong atmosphere! I like the mood of destruction and burn-everything-you-see :wink:


Great one! I also like the atmosphere very much so dont wast it (yea right… as if that is possible ;)) Keep that contrast of an orange and green color, which gives that apocalyptic feeling of last days of the planet. Maybe just add some spaceships or other flying object way in the back, like if they r pulling off, trying to escape from this mess. Only my opinion :slight_smile:
I must also say that the way that u started, with 3d render is a smart move!


woohooo amazing work is getting done again within the extremely little time you have ! :slight_smile:


I think it’s getting much better nice transition on the colors from yellow to green and orange, the selection make it work and still keep separation.


WOW! Thats an awesome conceptsketch! I can feel the power of your brain/hand :slight_smile: coming out of it! Looks really dynamic and looks also promising allot detail (that little lights are great!). I’ll keep an eye on this thread! :slight_smile:

Allot good luck wished,


[btw: your site is really cool! I like allot works of you featured on it, and that tutorials are very cool! I’ll also keep an eye on your site I think :wink: ]


Great light and colors!:thumbsup: Keep it up!
Good luck!


I think the perspective and the angle you present give the piece a great sense of action. Beautiful color palete.