Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Panu Uomala


Panu Uomala has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Whoa ! DeajVu !!

I’m spent…dat’s it , final image , phew

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some closeups comin up tomorrow …


Hi Squibbit, good luck with this challenge!


nice to see you’re in Squibbit :thumbsup:


Hey , how could I miss this :wink:

Nice to see you too , lotsa people from MachineFlesh
competition already in signed up for this one , great !

Good Luck to All !!!

hmm… sketches skecthes…concept sketches… walks off pondering


i agree… nice to see some ‘machinefleshers’ here!!

this is a tricky one… so much scope it’s scary… good luck!!


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How you can better the flying whale remains to be seen…

Great to see so many back for another challenge…good luck and can’t wait to see your ideas and concepts

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I can’t wait to see what you have in mind for us this time!


warmin up … :slight_smile:

Gwottiboog , da planit muncher , sits on a star , relaxing after a
planet hunt . Very few planets ever escapeGwottiboog , cause they
rarely run away. Maybe they don’t see him coming .
Atop Gwottiboog’s head grows the tree of wisdom , all leafless and
withered , surrounded by eternal autumn.
In a net on da planit munchers back are his captured planets.
Today , Gwottiboog is going to have a green one .
It is a planet that belonged to the
invincible Warramucho Empire , like all
the other planets in the net.This green
one is the planet of heroes ; veterans
of thousands of battles have retired
here to enjoy the planets magnificient
baths , beaches and hotels.
They will all be eaten by Gwottiboog.
Countless of civilizations disappear into da planit muncher’s maw.


Oh, Sweet! Love the humour approach. Almost like a childs tale for future kids. Can’t wait to see this coloured.


that’s fantastic!! really really fantastic!!


Hey dude! Wow! Nice concept :slight_smile: Good luck to you also


Here we go again.

Already subscribed to your thread. It will be fun to follow your progress.:thumbsup:

Nice concept, I wish I had your drawing skills.



Really cool concept, good luck! :thumbsup:


wow that’s awesome!! :bounce: keep 'em coming :thumbsup:


Have you ever thought about trying to get some of these ideas published in a book. I love your story telling, it’s fantasy pure. and you really seem to have a lot of talent for it :thumbsup:


ahumm … err… these are more like TAKES from stories , flyingP,
not whole stories.

yea maybe one or two of them could be made into a story ,
but my written language is simple and crude , you seen it …
all like :
" dat man go to forist , it not all well there , man feel dizzy.
still thers great treasure in the woods , the gnome had promised,
so the man presses on. While walking dizzines grows stronger,
like a bear. Man feel fingertips oddly wet. he touch index finger
against thumb and his dizzy head starts tingling with odd sensation.
-weird, he thinks. he press fingers together stronger and PAIN
erupts in his head ! -YEEAARRGH , he screams and falls to the ground.
-what was that ? his achy thoughts wonder and still lying on
his back he raises his hands before his eyes and sees white stuff
coming from under his fingernails. He suddenly realizes with horror
what the stuff is … his BRAINS ! Through blurred vision, his
consciousness leaving him , the man sees the gnome - same one
that guided him to the forest- approaching him with a straw in hand…"



Cool story and concept sketch! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. :smiley:


Nice concept!:slight_smile: Good luck!!!:thumbsup:


believe or not Squibbit that’s one of the things a like about them :smiley:


The concept and the background of this is definitely one of the most original in the comp. Awesome stuff squibbit.