Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Nathaniel West


Exaaaaactly! Awesome job:thumbsup:



Congratulations to all of the winners! You really did do an awesome job. I’m looking forward to the next challenge, and I hope to place next time around. Thank you for all of the support guys!!! Oh, and for critiques sake…would anyone be interested in telling me what was lacking from this piece? I’m interested in knowing what didn’t hit the mark with this one. Thanks again everyone!!



Well its pretty obvious what you didnt have in the pic. Theres no luck in it!
Bad Luck!
Some voters prefer other kind of stuff…

You, Atmospheria, SideAche, GregPro and Nuro had all very impressive layout.

All of you placed more importancy to the area designs. Which seems to delude the voters it seems?
But they all ignored something up front. Something to catch the voter. Something which gives you guys luck boost!

No worries. Remember that when you achieve your greatest ever artwork. You might be the only one liking it. :wise:

until next time!


Great Stuff Nathaniel, I loved your work. See you in the next one.


Hi nathaniel,

I agree to Falcor - don´t doubt in quality of your image you´ve created. It had a big chance to get an honorable mention. In my opinion especially in the 2D section it was very tough voting this time and I´m absolutley sure a number of images were just a stone´s throw away from honorable mention.

Within such narrow decisions it really needs a bit luck.

with best regards


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