Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Nathaniel West


Number 3 has the best of both worlds:thumbsup: . Maybe if you broke up the “yellowness” with a bit of clear sky you could make it more evident that it’s not pollution but overcast. Some sharp lookin’ stars perhaps? Just a thought…


I personally like number 1 but the purple is just a little strong in colour, there is a sense of technological feel to it. Maybe the overcast sky is not working because the background skies are quiet flat and there are no cloud tone values or shadow shown. The balance on number 3 still gives me that grungy polluted feel. It looks good so far, keep up with the good work.


I had to do a search on Hugh Ferris to get an idea what you were aiming for. Some really impressive atmospheres in his pieces, but since I only found his monochromatic drawings, I’m not sure how that would transfer over to color.

I was thinking…maybe it would be better to ignore references and create your own moody sky? I mean, cities nowadays are pretty riddled with air pollution, so maybe that contributes to the yellow brown sky (in conjunction with warm lights from below)? But if we’re in a clean environment, then wouldn’t the warm lights scatter in the clouds differently? And these buildings are pretty tall, and if we can see some of these buildings in the BG hazed out, then I guess these buildings are so high up that they are thrusted into the middle of some clouds? I think it would be interesting to see you invent a new lighting scheme (lights scattering through water particles), as I think any photo references of modern times may just imply pollution. Ah, I don’t know if I made any sense at all (-_-)

Um, so anyway, I think #3 is definitely better. I think I’d like to see it shifted a little more towards purple, but again, I have a bias towards that color anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s looking good, and I’m looking forward to seeing how you solve the sky! :slight_smile:


Hi Nathaniel! Im so happy to see u in this challange… one more great work is coming this way :smiley: Will be following ur thread with pleasure!
About the pic… I think that u could exaggerate with colors in this one… its futuristic, its clean and with lots of glass and so on… So u could bring lots of neon to this one, not some cheap neon signs, but something more glamour and industrial. I think that pink, violet and blue color will fit the image just fine, but thats the pic how it looks in my mind… I cant wait to see ur decision :slight_smile: Good luck on catching the deadline :thumbsup:


I’m finally back after being out of town. I’ve got a long way to go, and I’ve decided to go towards the oranges in the sky which are more a little more realistic.

This is still pretty rough as I’m just beginning to tigten some areas up and adding rough window details. The little dots all around are going to be flying cars. If anyone has any ideas or critiques, please feel free to make them heard.



Very ncie feeling to your piece. The atmosphere feel nice too :slight_smile:


Good call on the color issue. It has the good features of the yellow one, but since it’s more saturated it doesn’t have its drawbacks. The clouds also help. Nice to see you back!


Very nice! Those greenish lights really spice up the image. I don’t know about the “speeder’s” blue lights. They somehow detract… Or else introduce some other blue lights. It’s going to look great in the end, definitely.


Thanks for the comments! I appreciate everyone’s thoughts on the painting.

Andreasrocha-Thank you for your input. I personally don’t think that the blue is too overpowering, but I’m assuming you’d rather have your eye wander around the background a bit more, rather than be drawn to the foreground. I do want your eye to wander around, and now that I look at it in that light, the painting is not about the car, it’s about the environment. The car should only support the overall piece. Ok, good call on your part. I’ll work on toning down the brightness of the lights so that your eye doesn’t go straight to the car. Thanks so much for the critique!!


I think this looks a lot better. The placement of the buildings and scale are much easier to read now :slight_smile: I love those windows. The warm pinks in the background were a nice touch. This is just random speculation, but maybe the light could build up in the sky towards the horizon more? Like maybe they can glow or something (which you already have. Just thought maybe the effect could be stronger?). Just a thought :slight_smile: Hmm…what would happen if you kinda darkened the clouds up towards the top a little? This could be another personal thing, but I feel like it’s a very open piece, and maybe it could benefit from being a little more closed in? Ah, more rambling from me (-_-)’ I think I should just stop now and watch for your next post :stuck_out_tongue: Great work!


Thanks YeeWu, I’ll work on the sky a bit, and I need to work on the feeling of depth. Right now it’s not working in my opinion. I’ll definitely be making some of those building look as though they are made of glowing glass. We’ll see how it all turns out I guess. If anyone has any idea of what area is not working at all, please let me know. Thanks!


I’ve been working on adding more windows, and trying to make this whole thing work. Please let me know what you think needs attention. Thanks!


Beautiful work man. This is a great entry.


I’m just curious how you’re going to treat the FG people… I think they’ll need some focus / light shining on them, otherwise this will be just a beautiful cityscape image.

It’s gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, just wondering how you will show the story of the piece…

Nice job so far!


Well done with the lights, it looks great and fits in well with the style you have. I do agree with cgkrusty, you probably need to feed back some of that light to the people. Its important to have that connection between the people and the cityscape, its part of the story right. BTW the mood and atmosphere is working really well. Keep it up.


Hi, the ambiant of your project is very good i love the ligthing. The building are vary beautifull. It’s a “blade runner” ambiance, i like this, good work


Thanks for the input. I’ll begin working on the foreground so that we can all get an idea of how it’s going to relate. Besides that I’m still looking at it and I feel as though the buildings don’t have enough form…each side is so close in value that it’s looking cartoony to me. Does anyone feel this way, or is this a convincing ‘real’ space? If you have any input, please don’t be shy. I really want to know what you feel, even if you hate it and think I should change everything. Thanks for the previous responses, and I’ll be back later on with an update.


Looking great so far. I like the buildings right now - the way they fade into the sky makes it feel very large. Not sold on the foreground yet though cuz I cant really tell what it is : )


I’ve been adding more windows and trying to refine things such as colors, values, etc. I’d really like to know if you all think the more saturated sky is better than the previous image. I’m not sure if this is working still.


I’m in favor for the more saturated sky. I think it might be a little too saturated, but I think the value range is working a lot more. Not sure if this is what you intended, but is that a face in the building in the distance on the left? Kinda reminds me of an Easter Island head :slight_smile:

Those windows are looking really good! Maybe the lower left parts of the city could do with some of the brighter lights (like the one behind the car)?

Is it the color palette and values that you’re not sure are still working?