Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Nathaniel West


Hi Nathaniel,

very beautiful work. There are many beautiful eye-catcher included. Especially the design of your environment and the car are great. Not to forget the foreground elements and the platform which has a very convincing surface. Congrats and good luck.



The interaction between the bright colors of the lit areas and the almost monochromatic rest of the image are beautiful, and the figures are great. But the most I like are the hundreds of lit windows, which remember me to akira.


Thanks for the feedback everyone! Arctis, I know what you mean about the clouds. I was going for that foggy thin cloud layer up above, but maybe that’s not translating well to the viewer. Thank you for your opinion, as it is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Again, I had a really great time being a part of the community, and have discovered so much talent and wisdom from all of you. I can’t wait for the next challenge, and in the meantime I will be posting much more at CGtalk. You are all so friendly and insightful, and I greatly appreciate everyone’s ideas and comments.

So I’d really like everyone to put in there two cents and tell me what I could improve with this piece. It would be nice to know what you don’t like, or what weaknesses you can point out about various parts of this picture. Since this competition is about learning and growing, some serious critiques now that everything is finished would be really helpful and much appreciated. Thanks again!


More specularity on the car maybe? I do like it as it is, but I don’t fully get the cars material. Just a thought… :shrug:


Hi Nathaniel,

Some things I would mention, reviewing your image:

You have established so much light I´m wondering why the background part is so dark - there are also some very dark surfaces of the buildings in the foreground. Maybe there could be overall some more ambient/sourrounding or do you call it diffuse light that affects the environment.

much lightning also indicates a lot of activity (people are not sleeping) - maybe there could be more traffic in the air to give consideration to all the light.
If you would add some more little docking or parking zones in the background it would increase the sense of scale.

just my two cents.:slight_smile:

best regards


Hi there! It came out very good, as I expected… Tehniqually without any crit and very grand. I wish u all the best at the voting! :thumbsup:


Great job Nathaniel. My girlfriend had suggested something like this as a potential concept. Glad someone did it! GL in the finals.


Thanks so much for the comments and thanks Fahrija for the critique. I wanted to keep that structure in the back pretty dark just to give it an ominous feel. It’s getting a little of that glowing light on the bottom, but maybe some more would help. Anyways, thank you for your insight.

Good luck everyone!! I wish you all the best!


Hi, I have already said of what I thought of your image, she is formidable of realisme, what I am going to say is stupid on behalf of one challengers but I would like that you win so that you made us a tutorial on the creation of the windows of buildings, I find this exceptionel work of detail, the luminosity is extremly returned well, good luck for the first phase of vote but I think that you have too many concerns has to make for you


Thanks MDN67, your support throughout this whole process has been much appreciated, and I wish the best to you!! Your image came out very nice, and you’ve come a long way since the beginning. Good luck!!


thanks for all Nathaniel


No problem tolga! You definitely deserve to be judged, and I didn’t want you to miss it after all that hard work. Good luck to you!!


dude, hey hey dude …rgmrgrknn dude, hey nice pic

:slight_smile: I like that town , especially the windows , all is peace
after a night out in the opera … yes ?

good work


Squibbit, you’re right–they’ve been out to the opera–a little double meaning for the Grand Space Opera theme. Good call on you part. And your image turned out awesome by the way. Thanks for the kind words.


Wow I just spotted this in the final image thread…This is so Blade Runner/Fifth Element…I love this SORRY I missed the process…Great stuff :applause: Good luck.


Thanks Element 5!


Great work Nathaniel, I really like your work! Could be a scene from Blade Runner 2 :wink:

Btw, I also checked your homepage. Lots of interesting stuff there :slight_smile:


Dude!!! I been lookin at your work and u so gonna be in the top 15 in the next one,
this was just unlucky! :thumbsup:


Exaaaaactly! Awesome job:thumbsup:



Congratulations to all of the winners! You really did do an awesome job. I’m looking forward to the next challenge, and I hope to place next time around. Thank you for all of the support guys!!! Oh, and for critiques sake…would anyone be interested in telling me what was lacking from this piece? I’m interested in knowing what didn’t hit the mark with this one. Thanks again everyone!!