Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Michele Chang Wei-Fang


update for the pregnant idol design… still forming the key elements in the picture part by part… terrain/city preliminary design update coming up next. i’m probably going to put in a marching army and lots of corpses all over the city later on.


Hi Michele, great job you did there.
Really like the pregnant doll, why does she looks so scary :eek: ?
Is she some kind of a godess of live and death?
How does the warreaver create a portal?

Me curious :wink:


She’s not really a goddess, but a “totem” figurine of the organization/cult who breeds these mayfly assassins… symbolizing “giving life to death” (breeding killers)

As for the war reaver, I’m considering revamping his design all together… he looks really boring at the moment lol Opening portals would be by generating a “point” in space/time and making a wormhole (worm window, really, cos it’s a small-scale one)… I think? lol

Thanks for your interest, and questions/crits are always welcomed :slight_smile:


Have you ever thought of doing artwork for horror movies? That last drawing would scare the sh*t outta me as a character in a movie.


WoW! I ma amazed with Your designs! Wired imagination indeed:) Reminds me a Gigers style a little bit. Can’t waint for upcoming skeches!


continued in new WIP thread :slight_smile: Big thanks to everyone who left comments!


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