Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Michele Chang Wei-Fang


Very cool sketches you have there, I only wish I could see what you could do with more time… the sketches suggest you are very capable. ^^

Kudos to you for using a reference, I’m guessing it’ll help a lot?

My only advice is to maybe try some more contrast in your lighting to bring out the three-dimensional forms of your figures: darker shadows and lighter highlights. Yum.


WOW - she is looking beautiful! Thanks for the .WMV’s - that’s such a great idea instead of .WPE’s.

Just a thought - earlier there was discussion about changing what she is holding and you also mentioned droids laying around dead in the background. I was thinking she could be holding some kind of smoking plasma gun and one of the droids in the background would have a big smoking/smoldering hole in his chest.

I really like this idea, good work!


Thanks giza-di, shadowstarre and robinayles! and sorry about the lack of updates…

I’m still banging my head for ideas on the environment first (taking giza’s advice), so I’m kinda stuck until I figure out what kind of setting this scene is going to be.

References do help alot, but only to determine shapes. Lighting is the tough one in building a scene… I’m still doodling in maya for some 3d reference for the environment tho.

Going to try my very best to get an update in today :wip:


Beware of uber ugly sketch lol

This is the layout of what I’m going to start to build upon:

The primary character on a mid-stride pose on the left, bloody with weapon in hand, secondary character faded out in the background sky/landscape, some ships in the sky, and an organic city sprawling below smouldering in the wake of a massacre.

Colors and cleaner version soon (just posting this yucky sketch to show my noobie workflow lol)

Gonna be calling this entry “Tesseract Mayfly”… might even write a short story if I have time much much later on.


Don’t know why anybody would want to see how i made that sketch, but I got this habit of saving WPEs in case I need to backtrack anything, so here’s the sketch recording as always :smiley:
Sketch recording:
Download WMV (1.1mb)


so, are you changing your composition? I’m not sure about the new main character’s position and pose, but I think I’ll wait for your promised cleaner version to comment more about it…where will be the city you mentioned?

(btw, thanks a LOT for your vote on the Daily Sketches)


yep! :slight_smile: I’ve tried to make the first one work, but it just lacks that space opera “feel”… it was going into game-art territory (which is usually what I do lol). Going to try my best to post an update before I go to bed today. the daily sketch thingies can be quite a fun distraction heheh :scream:


dead –
I really enjoy your Daily Sketch entries, so I’m eager to see what you do with your Space Opera. A few thoughts:

You asked for similar sci-fi storylines (compared to your first concept). The film Blade Runner involves androids with a short lifespan who commit murder as they search for somebody to help them extend their life span. And La Femme Nikita (Point of No Return is the US remake) involves criminals who are forced to become assassins by a covert govt. agency with no hope of ever quitting. Don’t worry about being totally original – most stories have elements of others built in, whether intentionally, subconsciously or merely by chance. My own concept draws from “Little Shop of Horrors” and Asimov’s “Foundation” series.

I think your first concept could work if, as your character falls apart and begins to regain her memory, she tries to take down the organization that made her an assassin. Perhaps she enlists the help of some of her fellow assassins? Sure, easy to describe but difficult to capture in a single picture. :shrug:


Fiddled around some more with some concepts, changed a few small things. No sketch recording wpe this time since I used a combination of PSP7 and Open Canvas 1.1

More updates to come. No more sketch recordings from this point onwards because OC does not record for images not made from scratch in the program itself, but I basically use the same crappy methods as my previous recordings lol


thanks Ilikesoup :slight_smile:

I’m more going for the storyline of her being altered by a rebelling employee of the organization in such a way that (spoiler, but i probably will never be good enough to finish writing the story anyway lol) the memories that she “think” are her past, are merely fake memories. The conversion procedure is fail-safe, memories cannot be regained, but false memories can be implanted.

She goes about searching for her past rather than taking down any organization, only to find the cruel twist in the end that her memories were false, and she was used all along to accomplish someone else’s agenda to cause some big huge galactic catastrophe that I have no idea about yet :smiley:


quick clarification: I’m still sticking to the storyline from my very first post in this thread. Only the image layout is totally revamped :slight_smile:


Trying to get an overall mood of the image… going for bold dramatic shadows and strong colors. Tweaked a few design stuff as I go along.
More updates to come :slight_smile:


on the way to refining details for the line art phase. spent most of today creating and testing brushes for PSP lol

The weird thing on the left is what i would call “the pregnant idol” in the form of a spider-hag

Key figures in this story would be the statue of the pregnant idol which is going to be where the story revolves around, the mayfly assassin, and the war reaver.

The war reaver is an indestructable, neutral, teleporting machine of sorts that nobody knows where it came from. Most believe it walks through time itself as it wanders. It mostly shows up whenever there is mass destruction, but not causing any destruction.

More updates coming up. Thanks for peeking :slight_smile:


Wow your ideas are great, can’t wait to see how they end up in the final piece! the collaged elements in the composition make the think of a book cover. good luck


Well i really like the idea you have here. The War Reaver especially is great. Very dark, very pessimistic but strange future.
All my time is being taken up by a children’s story i’m working on, and i’ve felt like i’m going to go insane if i don’t write something evil soon. But now you’ve gotten my gears a-turning. I may hold sanity after all!

Great sketches, by the way. Messy is good


Fantatic sketchup. A full working of this will look great!:smiley:


Hey DeaderthanRed,

A few things to remember as you consider your latest composition; Block out some shapes using values to workout compositon and block out color shapes to work out mood. Or you could just combine both whichever youre most comfortable with.

When placing characters and elements of significants to the story, think about emotional expressions, how to best portray power, desparation, determination. When laying down color you don’t have to worry about covering up underdrawings. You can be loose with laying down color as you can define boundries later.

Good luck.


Hey there…looks like you are well on your way to a really powerful drawing! Good luck and keep going!


thanks for all your comments everyone!! many apologies for the lag in updates as I’m still trying to refine my graphic tablet skills (two weeks past since I bought my first tablet lol) it’s way different than working withi pens…

Hillartsympho: yep i’m aiming for book cover layout :slight_smile:

Yodimus: i’m flattered your gears got activated by reading through my inane babblings lol messy is one of my bad habits actually… i tend to think with my fingers instead of my head

erilaz and robinayles: thanks! I just hope I have enough time to finish it :smiley:

Rares_Halmagea: i’m kinda stuck trying to figure out how to design everything so they fit together fluidly into one composition, and i’ll certainly keep your helpful tips in mind as i go further into the coloring process, thanks! :slight_smile:

Uploading quick update after this post.


this will be the thing’s body core… I might add in extensions, just playing with the design for now. more updates to come

done (so far) in PSP7 and Open Canvas 1.1
will be switching fully to PS7 once I get my line art laid out properly