Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Michele Chang Wei-Fang


Michele Chang Wei-Fang has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.


Finally got hold of my first tablet yesterday (wacom wheeee!), and spent most of the day getting the hang of it amidst of all the excitement of new hardware lol

A lil bit about me (for the curious): I’m a 3d freelancer girl for almost 2 years (come december), mostly doing modelling/UVs/texturing, fully and completely self-taught in 2d/3d, very new to CGTalk and overall newbie compared to everyone else here.

Wanted to take a break from regular 3d work and go back to my 2d roots for awhile, and thought I’d try out entering this challenge. Just here for the experience, not expecting to win anything :smiley:

Currently still trying out some ideas, will post something in an hour or so when I’m more decided on the initial concept.

Thanks in advance to anybody dropping by for a peek as I go along. I am always hungry for criticsm to help myself improve, so feel free to be honest about your opinion of any of my work, I am too stupid to be insulted or offended in any way :smiley: and I really appreciate you taking the time to post any crits/comments.


Welcome to the challenge!


Basic concept:

In the far future, galactic wars are obsolete. It’s easier, and more economical to just use sub-human assassins to dispose of all key figures in any conflict.

These assassins are mostly “reconditioned” criminals with very short lifespans due to the cybernetic implants that enhance their physical strength/agility and also keep them in check. The implants cause the assassins to “wear out” within months and the human “unit” is programmed to have a spontaneous combustion and burn to ashes when they reach their use-by date.

Things got interesting when one disposable assassin’s nanites malfunctioned and she did not self-destruct, but slowly and painfully fall apart as she slowly regained her former identity and memories as her implants wither away within her.

Lost and dying a slow agonizing death, she desperately searches for a way to salvage herself and who she was.

And this is where the story starts :slight_smile:

Side note: as far as I’m aware of, this is an original story idea by me… but I have not read any sci-fi in years, so if anyone know of a similar story, do link me! I’m still a bookworm to the core :slight_smile:


waves hi to Tinselsnips thanks! :slight_smile:


Recording of concept sketch, stroke for stroke:

Download WMV (800kb)

Done in Open Canvas 1.1
(saved out to .WMV for non-Windows users who cannot access .WPEs)


welcome to the challenge! :slight_smile: your sketch looks good so far, and you have a good argument, I’ve got a question: what is she holding in her arms? at first I thought it was a baby because she looked like she was holding it carefully (it’s an idea, motherly assasins)

good luck!


hello elmasfeo, and thanks :slight_smile: she’s holding a mask to hide her face that’s falling apart, I’m still scratching my head on the concept at the moment… maybe add more stuff in the scene. I’m mostly going for a book cover layout but I think a movie poster layout would be better.

I’ve just crawled out of bed and will post a bit more today :slight_smile:


It’s not identical to any story I’ve ever heard, but it kind of reminds me of a few sci-fi stories. Bladerunner and Imposter (both based on Philip K. Dick novels), and ‘Noir’ by K. W. Jeter.


new wave sci-fi has done this theme to death, it is bound to exist some such story somewhere, but it is a conceptual theme that you have every right to use

i like the idea of someone doing a figure study on the galactic space opera theme…try to get some ref off Bruce Stirling’s Schismatrix or Spider rose novels, there are some assassin descriptions that that are truly detailed and u could use it as a start on viable cybernetics


Wow!I’ve just finished viewing your Creation of … video and i must say that’s excelent idea.You have excelent info about your work overall.If i can have an advice - don’t add so much object in your picture .I thing that composition is fine as it is.I also thing more details will do the job.And because this is sketch and you will naturally add many more details :slight_smile: ,i thing we have much to look forward to!


Please note she’s only naked for now cos I cant decide what clothes to put on her lol

I’m considering changing the mask to something else, not sure yet, and also I need a few more droids/creatures around (most of them corpses) to give an idea of some big catastrophe happened where she is. I still intend to expand this image later on for some architectural stuff, but the girl is my main character, so I’m just fixing her up for now, since she’s in the foremost of this image.

Stroke by stroke recording:

Download WMV (1.3mb)

Thanks everyone for your comments and encouragement!


… and thus I proclaim this dude “war reaver” :smiley:

Just a quickie since the idea popped in my head. As always, sketching process is recorded for anybody interested:

Download WMV (545kb)


I like your idea. The mask in the hand is great. A way to show us her transformation, the rediscovery of identity, but I think it could be great if we could see both clearly: face and mask togeter. I think she need more tension, in face and body. Perhaps not looking to us but in other direction like searching afraid.
Well, this are just ideas. Good look!


Starting now I will be using reference photos for the girl (worked so far without any refs lol) Going to post the links here first in case I forget which site did I get the images from later on lol

All reference photos will be of the model Megan Ewing. I simply adore her looks (in my eyes, she’s perfect as far as looks go) and I especially like the spots on her skin. Porcelain-smooth skin is so boring, heheh :smiley:

First batch of references:


megan ewing…sweet…


A new take on the girl, thanks kaparo for the suggestion!

Squibbit: yep, I only wish I’m talented enough to actually capture her beauty, but this is the best I can do for now XD

Sketch recording:
Download WMV (338kb)
More updates soon when I finished work today :slight_smile: (if only weekends last longer)


great sketches deaderthanred! your style looks very good, it’s going to be a geat piece of art!

do you always work in opencanvas? how do you convert your wpes to video? the idea of posting the making-of is very good, thanks for sharing your process!
oh, and do you continually blur the image and de-blur it or is it just something with the video?:shrug:


Thanks elmasfeo! I normally work piece by piece and expand the image as I go along, instead of a big overall concept all at once.

I only downloaded open canvas 1.1 four days ago actually lol (found it in a link in the daily sketches) I got my first tablet on the same day and was hunting around for something with a watercolor effect (photoshop and paint shop pro didnt quite cut it). Before that i mostly only work with an optical mouse.

I use Easy Video Capture to record the open canvas WPE playback, then save it out as a WMV (AVI size is too huge… up to 200mb per session).

And yes, I continually overpaint areas to refine it, with the “watercolor” brush, so it’s basically blurred out, then I use the pen/pencil thingie to draw finer lines. I’m a messy painter lol


the character concept 2 looks very moody, it really has a sense of drama in itself…i would be tempted to build the composition around this figure:thumbsup: , but this usually ends up bad…try it though