Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Mark Okon


The explosion is really working. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see this finished.

Glad your feeling better. Life is art, design to suit!

:applause: :applause:


Good job you do… very nice… great artist :thumbsup:


montclaris, Tranchefeux, Cameron Gardner, and Lemog: Thanks for the support guys.

walrus: Thanks! The tower leaning a little works well huh? I am glad you think so too :slight_smile:

With the deadline coming up fast I need to get going with it. Today i’ll put in another few hours hopefully. Thanks once again guys! and good luck.


Nice painting style, looks fresh! Nice composition and perspective as well! Good work! :thumbsup:


Ever get the feeling at the last minute when you just look at your work and say, “geez, I hate this thing…?” Well that is sorta what I said when I looked at mine this evening.

Specifically the colours I hated. So I decided to add more work to the plate and ditch the orange palette and add more variatey and this decision came in the nick of time.

I put more detail into the buldings and there is more coming. I’ll see who photo realistic I can make this sucker shine.

Anyhow, I believe we all at this point as working hard to the beat of the CG drum so let’s keep it up guys and gals!

p.s. What do you all think of the new colours and details to the buildings?


Lovliebutterfly: Glad you like it. Thanks for the support! :slight_smile:


Nice Airborne! The only thing holding it back IMO is that the vanishing point in the foreground and background are off a touch. I believe the horizon line is slightly too high and it needs a few elements that line back up with the very obvious vanishing lines of the foreground buildings. All of this is a fairly quick fix in photoshop and it will make a very good painting amazing. Keep up the good work.


Hi Airborn,

hey! I know exactly what you mean. I had the same thing yesterday. The more you look on the image the more you get mad about the development. Cause you somehow you thought it should be different. Do you remember Andreas Rocha for about four weeks? He started his color wip much earlier than we did. He also felt a bit unconfortable in terms of his development for a while. So don´t worry - things are going well in your picture.

Maybe I would make some parts of your buiding surfaces a bit more shiny (just in case they are metal). But I think this is will be your next step. The colors are fine but maybe they could be bit darker. (not much)



Been a while since I saw this last - it’s really impressive to see how you’ve followed through on your inital drafts - Great work and good luck with completion! :thumbsup:


Gunilla: Glad you still like it :love: GOod luck with your entry too!

Fahrija: Good to know I am not the onyl one then :slight_smile: You are right about the buidlings, they do need a bit more shadow and the colours to be a bit more darker, while adding highlights to still give it that bright light feeling on them :slight_smile: Thanks!! Good luck!

x_se7en_x: You are right, after finsihing up last night I also felt the vanishing points were off a bit. The problem is I am working on a single layer now so it might be a little tricky to fix, but I am sure I’ll figure out a way. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Thanks for the support everyone! GOod luck with your entries~



I, and I think every artist on the planet goes through that same thought process. It happens right before what I like to call the final uphill climb before you start to see how the piece is going to end up, and begin the the downhill race to the finish. Your minds eye has a vision, but your piece may not be matching, so you begin to question the whole thing. At this point you have to trust your instincts and just keep going. (like you are) The colors are cool, the details and shifts in hue are fine, just keep in mind that you can adjust all the colors and bring it together in harmony as a final stage, that’s when it all starts to make sense and the end vision becomes clear.

My suggestion is that you just blaze on this baby! Put in all the elements and just start rockin, things will work out. Trust yourself and your artistic abilities, they won’t let you down. Most likely, you’ll supprise yourself.

Cheers. :thumbsup:


Got more work done today with the buildings. I was hoping to get the buildings done today, but I ran out of time. All that is left to do for the buildings is the detail on the left side, and metalic shines, reflections, and lights. :slight_smile: I can’t wait!!



Cameron Gardner: It feels great just thinking up stuff on the fly. Everything added today was out of instinct. Still a long way to go and I think I may even surprise some people with new additions to the composition. I am thinking of adding crowds on top of the buildings cheering with streamers going off. Should be fun, I wish there was a “Massive” plug-in for Photoshop like for Maya. lol! would save me some time.


Hey, that’s looking pretty good! The details you’ve added seriously help it a lot. I’m with Fahrija about pushing some of the shadows a bit more.

Great work :slight_smile:


YeeWu: The shadows are coming soon :slight_smile: I will also add reflections, and lighting too. Thanks for the comment!



Cool, it’s looking great! good luck. I can’t wait to see the final image.

Speaking of which, after looking at my “final image” funny thing, I started totally hating the character on the left. Heh, heh, Too stiff, too tight, the dreads weren’t working etc, etc, …and, I remembered I wanted to show the armor as some kind of living proctectant, covering and retracting as need for battle…

So, I re-did some things-- coming soon!

let me know what you think…


• Damn! Mark, each time I come to your thread it is getting better and better, :thumbsup:

• Hurry up man, there are only 10 days left :bounce:


Climax: Only 10 days!! :cry: The pressure is too much. lol Thanks Climax! :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck too!

Cameron Gardner: I am gonna check yours out. Don’t worry about fixing yor piece up. At least you noticed it before the deadline right :slight_smile:


nice style it reminds me of 3d with a toon shader i like it
mabye you can try adding some diversaty to the ships i saw you post somthing about wagons
cool idea i would love to see that, ballons are good but wagons would totally give it that old - new twist up.


SOoo… I didn’t like the sky in the previous concepts, so I chaged it also. I always wanted a blue somewhat hazey sky as early as the first few thumbs I did at the beginning of this challenge. Also, the buildings are completed, for now at least.

Next to work on is the middle field of buildings and explosion, then finally the riders :slight_smile:

What does everyone think of the new sky? Is it better? or does the cloud compostion or colour need to change? Or did the previous sky feel better?

Thanks for the support everyone!