Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Mark Okon


Finally! I can start painting this thing with serious detail, textures, lighting, and all that jazz! I didn’t include the explosions because I am not to sure how extreme they are going to be but everything else is there. :slight_smile:



cgkrusty: You were right, I found it a lot easier to composite the drawings then I imagined. Well this is the final line art, on to painting!


Hi Airborn,

looks very good. Especially the modified arrangement of the characters. The position of the middle one is now much more in the foreground which establishes a clear triangular arrangement (a kind of strategic flight pattern) > I personally like that. The characters are also developed very well. This image will rock when rendered - I´m sure.



Same thing as Fahrija said :slight_smile: . And the space ships arrangement along motion lines fixes the loss of dynamic subsequent to the cutaway of buildings, while keeping the scene open. Brilliant, me think :thumbsup:

Waiting for the colors now… :arteest:
And don’t forget : easy with the smoke trails :wink:
merry christmas, Airborn et al. :beer:


I really like how you did the coloring in your concept sketches. WHich color scheme will you be using for the final image?


[color=lime]••• MERRY CHRISTMAS MARK •••[/color]

:thumbsup: And a very happy new year!


I had some time today on Christmas Day to paint some of this stuff. I just couldn’t resist :slight_smile:

Anyway, not much else to say, other then Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone else :slight_smile:


Fahrija: Thanks for the support. I am happy to know you think the character arrangements work well :slight_smile:

montclaris: Have no fear… the smoke trails will stay to a minimum :slight_smile:

swadepgh: Probably the one from the last concept sketch posted. It feels a little better I think. However, just as I did for my Machine Flesh entry, I will post colour variations and decide upon the best colour scheme with everyone else. :slight_smile:

Climax: Marry Chirstmas to you too Climax! :smiley:

Take care everyone!


It’s looking good, Airborn, I like how it’s starting to come together. However, now that you have some colors it, it feels like the tower in the far background is listing: It’s not at the same angle as all of the buildings that you’ve now added some color to. Also, just as a random suggestion, what if the guy on the furthest-botom sky-flyer were flipped (or at least what if his weapon were?) It might help enclose the composition a little better, and be less confusing where the staff overlaps the other flyer… But then, with full coloring, that are may not be confusing at all.

anyhow, good luck with it, it’s looking nice!



Good day Mark,

I’d have to agree with walrus on the tower in the distance leaning a bit, but i thought that might be due to the explosions (yet to be seen) other than that, looks fabulous, well done on the shadowing, the digipic of the desk at home,is a nice touch. not that it has anything to do with it, it makes your thread feel much more homey!
Keep it comin!:buttrock:


Again, not too much time tonight but I was surprized at the amount of colouring I got done. I feel my skills are improving with each challenge. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I really like the mood and atmosphere that this piece is beginning to reveal, espeically since this is more or less what I was hoping to achieve.


walrus: Thanks for the suggesions. I am going to try that out when I get to the characters. I may not like that position for the character but you never know right :slight_smile: Thanks!

newcenturydsn: The tower is suppose to lean. I felt that it disconnected the tower from teh rest of the buidlings. What do you think? I sorta like it more skewed then the others. It gives it a sense of defeat I think. But I am very open to suggesions and comments. Just lay them on me. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Thanks for the comments, and I hope to post something soon once again. I hope everyone elses entries are going well. Tomorrow I’ll post lots of comments for everyone. It has been a while since I last did so.


AirbORn- When you say it that way, I see where you’re comin from…But…

Leaning the tower like that does set it apart from the other buildings, but unless the bottom of it is exploding and beginning to crumble to the ground, then it kind of looks out of place in my eyes, like it was a last second addition that didn’t quite fit right. I don’t know, that’s just my opinion, maybe i just need to see a finished product and it 'll probably look great!

Hope that helps:shrug:

Oh yeah your dust/fog effects are perfect, looks totally real!!:beer:


newcenturydsn: You may be right. I think I will try it out both ways. I still have a resonable amount of time to experiment so it should be wise to do so.:thumbsup:


Hey everyone. Hope you all had a great new years!

I have been sick with the flu for the last few days, and I tried to do some more colouring, but I do not think it was such as good idea working with a massive headach and all the other stuff. Anyway, this update in my opinion is pretty bad, I will probably re-do the explosion. But I might as well post something then nothing.

Wish you all the best with your entries.


lots of noodles,good stuff.seem like you are still thinking.


I feel a bit better today as my flu is slowing going away and because of that I did some more work to this piece.

I fixed up the explosion and I also started to work on the explosion highlights on the buildings and evironment in general.

Any comments or critiques? regarding the explosion or anything else for that matter? ^^


Good job Airborn !

God, i’m addicted to these coloring WIPs. It’s too good :wink:



Framing and the prospect are well controlled good courage for the
continuation of the colors.


I take back my earlier comment: With the explosion in there, it seems perfectly natural that the building is aslant. I like all of the debris in the 2nd explosion, and the fact that the explosion is casting light on the falling tower (have you tried pushing that even further, or would that ruin the silhouette feel you’re going for?) But there are some things I like about the 1st explosion as well: The “bump” at the top, so that it’s not perfectly round and feels like multiple detonations, and the streams of fire/smoke shooting off, especially at the top. I think that if you just loppen the tippy-top off of #1 and grafted it onto #2 - wonderful! But hey, it’s wonderful either way, and has added a lot more life (and death, i suppose) to the shot.

Also, it feels not like you could strengthen the explosion as a light source, make some of the shadows that the architecture is casting upon itself a bit longer (especially those vertical elements in the far-right building.)

Anyhow, hope you’re feeling better! Looking forward to seeing the characters stuck back in too… good luck!