Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Mark Okon


Hi Mark,

this one gives a very good impression of the grandness and devinetley enough space to breath. Great development. Now you have enough space to place some more fighters alongside the big building/space ship? > that will additonally increase the depth.

Maybe you can place some very large looking spaceships docking at the far building at the horizont and some other flying vehicles. This gives the viewer the indication that there will be a confrontation.



techart: Thanks for the comment!

Fahrija: I am kinda glad you mentioned flying buildings. My intension was to make them simply inanimate structures, but several other people who seen the comp have mentioned similar points. I will see what I can do about the ships docked and so forth, but I am questioning whether I should go with the idea of making the buildings more into flying fortresses? The next update should be interesting.

Thanks guys for the comments.


Excelent designs,nice perspective,great overall look.A dramatic battle will be the finishing touch.:thumbsup:


• Great Mark! you know?, I like it very much, it is very inspirating, I know it is not the final image but I like them as they are, with those colors, man, next challenge I’ll make my entry in the 2D also, you can see faster results, of course it depends of a good artist :smiley:

• Good work Mark!. keep it up!


Magnusv: A dramatic battle would be a nice sight, humm… perhaps some exchange of missile fire/gun fire?

Climax: Thanks for the support Climax :slight_smile:


Hi there…

This is truly coming together real well… I was curious to see how your “revolution” was coming along :slight_smile: ! I really like your last composition, it breathes a lot better and gives you ample oppurtunity to explore the skyline (twin moons perhaps…).

Anyway, I see you made a more cautious approach concerning the “angry mob” setting, time is against us all and we have to keep it real… I can absolutely relate to that…

Great composition and beautiful concept work with the riders… what more could one want?

Keep it up mate, and good luck :thumbsup:


Hey there, love the concept for the piece. Its a really simple yet very effective design. Makes me want to add more stuff into mine! Keep it up!


hi Mark…
i think, and thats just my personal opinion, open space doesn’t work as good as composition with taller buildings (btw i like it a lot… as i said you before your compositions are great… :thumbsup: )… you don’t have a huge ships or other very large vehicles… your rider guys are flying on the small, retro style propellers… and i think city theme should look and suit better…
keep going mate and cheers… :beer:


Rui_Padinha: Twin moons huh? Sounds interesting, I will try it out and see how that works :slight_smile:

mack72: Thanks! It is always good to add little things here and there. :slight_smile:

greentek: Wow… Interesting to know that some people still like the innercity concept. And teh point you made about it is sorta why I wasn’t at first sure which two to pick. I most likely will go with the second concept, but you never know where my pen will take me. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the comments, they are really helping me with decisions. :bounce:


I like the composition with the lower walls, it gives you free reign to fill out the rest of the composition with other objects, whether its space craft or something more biological, like some weird native flying animals/creatures, perhaps the riders are rounding them up like cattle in the sky. The perspective you have shown on the back end of some of the riders looks as though or could give the feeling that some of them would split off in different directions. The feeling that they could be diving down and flying into the section between the walls.

Youre right though, in terms of having to choose which composition youd want to move ahead with, both of them are really good. You should definately mess around with some of the suggestions the other guys have given you and see what pans out. Goodluck mate, ill definately be following your progress.


It’s great to see your composition! I don’t have a lot of thing to say for now. I hope you’ll put the engines with the helix somewhere, I kind of like these concept of yours that remembered me of final fantasy stuff.

I’ll keep an eye on your process!:slight_smile:


Nice composition. Very dynamic. I like that wild west look. Good luck!


Your concept work is amazing… all of them! Very quick but effective. I’m liking everything I see so far… only suggestion with the latest one would be… I would like to see lots of explosions and havoc happening in the city (as I’m sure will be) as it looks like the fight is over and these guys have missed it… good work so far though.


sketchfiend: You have some good suggestions, I will consider a lot that everyone has been pointing out. THanks :slight_smile:

Kraull: Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll see what I can do.

KaleN: Thanks, the wild west isn’t what I had in mind, but it is interesting that you think that :slight_smile:

Jezzarts: Oh I do believe that there will be plenty of that going on in this comp :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions. :slight_smile:


I do very much like the dramatic perspective and scale of your piece. You’ve clearly delineated the are where the action will take place. nice one!



I tried to finalize the rough comp and I sort of like what I have, and I think I am just going to go ahead with the line art. All the little details can be added later on. Even things such as additional riders and little buidling and ship details.

Anyway, what does everyone think about this version of the final rough comp? What do you think about the smoke trails? Do they take too much away from the structures underneith them?


unitstudio: Thanks for the support unitstudio! I hope to see some of your stuff posted sometime soon! :slight_smile:


Great use of perspective AiRBorN! Good choice on proof two, one is good, two is better!
I’ll keep my eye on this one.


I like it overall… I think the missile smoke trails are a little distracting, maybe you can have them coming from the front of the building structure just ahead of the riders?

I’m also not sure what is happening here. Are they attacking an alien invasion in the form of that structure in the BG, are they the aliens attacking? Storyline isn’t quite clear yet…

Regardless… it’s coming along great and I really like your colour choices.


mixed feelings about the last rough, here.
I think the smoke trail of the rockets is too thick. Moreover, i think it breaks the motion line, the way it’s incurving its path. It also has a very unnatural feeling, but maybe physical laws on this planet doesn’t follow Lagrangian principle of minimal motional effort :wink:
My personal opinion is that it was a bad move from rough#2. I’d be tempted to advise you to make the smoke trail follow depth line (straight) or at least a regular curvature(not sigmoid), and either decrease its opacity or push it behind one of the characters so that it takes less space in the foreground because it’s very disturbing to my eyes, and i know for sure you can do much better :slight_smile:
Alternately wait for other posters advices, see how they think it rocks and don’t bother with me. I’ll probably have changed my mind tomorrow anyway :beer: