Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Mark Okon


You have so much great concepts, I can’t wait to see what you’ll do with all those !


cabertevon: Thanks! :slight_smile:

Virtuoso: Expect only the best of my ability. Stick around, I will need critiques soon :slight_smile:

bonestudio: Soon you shall see! :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the comments! I can start the line art with confidence.


Every concept is great. Individual engines are big chunks of pure fun and the zeppelin is a dream. :applause:
I like the overall mood but i don’t catch your workflow. Are all these designs going to fit into your scene ?
I look forward for your progress…



montclaris: Thanks for the comments! I plan to include all the vehicals, and hopefully a few of the characters. One of the vehicals will be in the forgrounds where you will see the character just slightly smaller then what you see in the concepts, maybe even smaller. :slight_smile:


Ok, here is a slightly redesigned composition of what I did early on in this challenge. I want to ask everyone what they think.

I tried to add lots of ships and air bikes, but it feels way too crowded and after playing around with the composition, this one feels the best.

I would really appreciate some critiques, as I do take everyone’s opinions seriously.

Thanks :slight_smile:


The perspective of the image is quite inviting.

I would possibly suggest including other flying objects but in staggered distances in groups of three. this would eliminate your “crowding” issue, but also add to the “epic” feel for a swarm of flying vehicles.

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Yes !!!
You opened my eyes on your concept. Your composition is awesome. :thumbsup:
i like the rock in the background that adds to the verticality but breaks the symetry. i like the position of the characters that create a sense of depth.
overall, i like the dynamic feeling of speed you created.
Maybe some additional elements might improve that. If you have some time, you can try to open a little more the motion/perspective lines. I don’t know if you see what i mean (sorry for my bad english) : right now, the foreground is very narrow, and it opens on what seems to be a wider space. Maybe “exploding” the perspective a bit more would increase this feeling, add to the scene more dynamic and give more space for the eye to breathe (open the scene)? If it’s not the feel you’re after, don’t bother with my comment.
Also, where is the boy with the flying propeller ? You forgot my prefered character :cry:
Anyway, it’s SUPERB ! Keep up :applause:

Edit : don’t worry about the guy with the propeller, i think i see why you didn’t include him. He didn’t fit in the motion lines, did he ? A way to include him might be to put him deeper in the scene, between the foreground and the background (maybe a pusuit ?)


Hi Airborn,

Very good development. I like the perspektive angle and the characters in the foreground. This gives a good feeling of the size. I also like the environment you´ve established in the background.

The only thing I am a bit doubtfully is the arrangement of the big flanks of the buildings in the foreground. I think they smoth the space and confine the field of view a bit.



Very beautiful point of view! I think it’s the right way to follow…
Good luck, man !


Here is another rough comp based on suggestions. It is a little hard to make out the riders but that can be fixed in the final with some colour :slight_smile:

Anyway, what does everyone think with this comp? Does the open space work a better? Let me know. I am still on the fence between the two comps.


zachlost: I am going to try this out next, I want to get the right background elements layed out first. I was thinking of including only the bikers, and leave the air ships out.

montclaris: Thanks for the detailed comment. I tried to open up the scene a little so what do you think?

Fahrija: I tried to rearrange the buildings a little, I am starting to like this comp a little more, the open space and newly designed buildings feel nice. But what do you think?

Arctis: Thank you for the comment! :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the comments. :bounce:


Whoaaa great concepts man! Haha thats so cool…i keep looking back down at it =) Ill expect something really awesome once its finished!! cant wait =D


For me it’s better, because it opens space to make it more “grand”.
Nice developement, man ! :thumbsup:
I’ll keep an eye on this…


I like the open space better; it seems less pinched, though it could probably use one tower or antenna on the left near the edge of the composition. Nothing too big, just to break up the city’s silhouette a little.


Ok, i like the second comp better than the first one because of the openess thing. But for any reason, the action seems to me to have lost some dynamic / speed in the process. I suppose it’s a tradeoff of some kind.
I’m not too good at composition, so i’ll go for a tentative explanation but i might be out. Maybe the loss of speed (if ther’s any) comes from the fact that in your first comp, the perspective/motion lines suggested by the buildings were very strong and followed a wide range of angles. Since you cut part of the buildings, these lines were deemphasized (sp?).
I don’t have a clue how to fix this. Maybe as suggested in a previous post opening the perspective lines would help : it would make the “fore-foreground” wider in respect to the “back-foreground”. Hum, wish my english was better:shrug: . If it were 3D, i’d say put your camera forward and zoom-out.
Anyway, it’s a great composition so far. Definitely one of the best works out there :thumbsup:


adonihs: Thanks :slight_smile:

Arctis: I also agree, it does feel a little better :slight_smile:

ChrisThatGuy: Good point, I’ll see what I can do in the next update for the rough. :slight_smile:

montclaris: I think I know what could help, perhaps as others have mentioned including other bikers in the background may add to the perspective lines. I will play around with the placement of these individuals, or perhaps add some indication of speed from the bikers themselves through the use of subtle speed lines, and smoke from the bikes themselves.

Thanks everyone for the input, it is really helping me shape this comp. :love:


Hello, cool your composition, I prefer the rough 02
good road


The propeller boy comes back, does he ? please … :bounce:
Excellent idea anyway :thumbsup: . Promising…


montclaris: We will see :slight_smile: I have an idea for him so I am going to try to include soemthing.

Tranchefeux: Thanks, a lot of people perfer the second update. Once I finish another update this week, perhaps it will work even better then the last one. :slight_smile:


nice so far …keep it up…good perspective…good dof