Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Mark Okon


As I mentioned earlier I like the look and style.There is also an exotic feel to your creations…A very nice piece(s) of art you have here mark,I certanly will look forward to seeing more eye candy here…:arteest:


One of two vehical designs I plan on finishing this weekend. This is a single person air vehical. No guns on board but the pilot would normally be carrying a metal pipe, or a chain that he/she would be holding on one end and another pilot the other, cutting people off by tripping them causing non-fatile but serious injuries.

I also see these air bikes carrying another rider in the back holding on for bear life perhaps also with a hand to hand weapon.


Here is a profile shot with more detail of what the vehical will look like.

Sooo… what do you all think? I should have the other vehical up tomorrow.


Like lunatic say often… "try to set the general idea before detailling each part :slight_smile: "
but really nice sketches :slight_smile:
you have some unik style in theese ones :slight_smile:


nice designs dude…love themm…how will be looking your final comp/


Nice work so far, really ql concepts! Im also wondering how will be the last composition look like… come on… show us :slight_smile:


Always much of poetry in your last drawing!
Very good


These are some really cool sketches, looking forward to see them modeled. Are you planning to keep the earthy colors? Could look great IMO.
Keep it up - I’ll be back for sure :thumbsup:


Hehe Can you sell me one of this flying scouter?


Neozoom, techart, NinjaASSN, Tranchefeux, Gunilla, and Kraull: Thanks for all the support everyone! Things have been slowing me down, I have sketches lieing around that need to be painted for this challenge but I need to find some time. :frowning:

Hope everyone’s progress is going well, keep up the great work! :slight_smile:


hmmmmmmmmmmmmm… I like the design of this vehicle… so interesting… this idea totally agree me :thumbsup:


:eek: :eek: And I was thinking in get also into the 2D challenge… :smiley:

• Lovely Updates Mark! If you were her i’d buy you a beer! :beer:


Another quick vehical concept, this is a single person air engine. I have one more concept to paint and that is the Zeppelin Air Ship. I may even skip that one and just go straight into the line art for the composition. We will see how the week goes.



Lemog, and Climax: Thanks for the support :slight_smile:


OK, this is the last airship design. On to the line art. Finally!


This two last sketches are as cool as the others! Time for lineart you said? Oh yeah!!!


Yeah!! Your concepts are good as usual!! When we start to see some 3D?:bounce:


Kraull: OH yeah :slight_smile: the line art is coming soon. I can’t wait either!

pBarrelas: Thanks for the comments, you mentioned 3D models in a previous post. As much as I’d love to put these into 3D, I am sticking to a 2D challenge. :slight_smile: Thanks!


Dude…Cool sketches… Keep it up.


Mark…I think these are some very nice,very unique and stylsih designs/ideas…I look forward to seeing this go further,and will be here watching,a very nice effort thus far,and I am sure this will be great to follow from this point as well…Keep it up,and all the best to you…:slight_smile: :thumbsup: