Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Mark Okon


Hi mark ,! your line and color is great! i like the canyon sketch , it look huge , and make the scene is large scale . will you plan to merge your charactor to the scene?? want to see what’s will come out !! great work ! keep going!


Some female civilian concepts. I still have another three to paint, which are very unique, I just need to get some other work done before I start them :slight_smile:


Hello Mark!

I have to say I really love the direction you’re taking here. I am an avid fan of spaceship-supernova classical Sci-Fi, but what I’m really into is “fusion” Sci-Fi. Mixing technological and ethnical references is a great recipe for a truly interesting look, especially if you only have one image to tell the tale…

As for the revolution setting i find it very interesting. If you could have three or four “interest points” of your piece where you would clearly show the conflict between the ruling class and the revolutionaries in a more symbolic fashion, thet woul be amazing.

You can check out french or soviet revolution related art for additional inspiration…

Anyway, best of luck mate

P.S. Also checked your online portfolio, pretty impressive stuff… congratulations


Hey everyone, I am glad you find these concepts interesting, Thank you all very much :slight_smile:

Rui_Padinha: I am glad you mentioned to have interest points, elements like that are important in order to explain what I see in my head. Once I have all the designs done, I’ll get back into the compositions. :slight_smile: And I’ll do some research on revolts, and history has lots of them!

monsitj: I am going to try to merge the characters in to the airships, and I am also currently designing a single person “air speeder”, try to imagine a sea-do but for air travel. And I see these guys taveling in packs using metal bars, or even rocks as weapons.

Starzchica23: Your suggestion is interesting, it would be a funky too! I’ll see if I can do anything like that in the coming designs. :slight_smile:

gordonm, YeeWu, Lemog, NinjaASSN, and Climax: Thanks for the comments everyone :slight_smile:


hi Mark…
great stuff again… your folk looks excellent… :thumbsup: and they really look like folk as they are united by your unique and original common style… and at the same time each of them has its own character… really very impressive mate…

especially i like this guy on the right - some special force diver who just run from the intensive therapy… :smiley: j/k

well… best of luck Mark and keep posting great stuff!!!
cheers… :beer:


I really like the style of your characters! They have a continuity in the lines that makes them really original! I’ve put an eye on your website too… It’ll be cool to see the influence of your graphic art study in the present work!!

Good luck with the challenge!


your design of characters are very original to follow, Good road.


I love these concepts for the city. The people are wonderful too, very special style so far - keep at it! Looking forward to see more :slight_smile:


Gunilla, Tranchefeux, Kraull, greentek: Thanks everyone for the comments :slight_smile: Expect the other three females concepts to be up by tomorrow.


Nice Designs Mark. Rich colors work well within the style. Looking forward to seeing what youre final compostion turns out to be.

Good Luck.


i like idea and your characters very much - you are realy talanted ,and colors are great:)best wishes keep on working!


Hi Mark,

very cool sketches u present here…I’m envious about your talent drawing characters…:bounce:
Looking forward to see this thread updated with such great stuff:thumbsup:

best wishes and have fun, man!


Hey Mark, great concepts!! Keep on dude!:thumbsup:


Here are the other three concepts for female civilians. I am going to start working on vehicals and then on to the composition and line art :slight_smile:


[left]pBarrelas, Saschi0815, centavrus, Rares_Halmagean: Thanks for the comments everyone! :slight_smile: I am going to get back into vehical design, I have some ideas on paper but I have to refine them and paint them. Expect another update soon. Take Care!


Your sketches are cool, heaps original, and a cool style, keep it up!:slight_smile:


Very nice sketches Airborn… I love this style…so great :thumbsup: in particlary this one on left… too much original. I can’t wait the 3d models of them :bounce:


Can’t wait to see further progress on the whole piece. These concepts are nice and well thought out.


rusty_carr, Lemog, V_Shane: Glad you like the concepts. Thank you for the comments everyone :slight_smile:

I am going to paint some vehical concepts tonight. Expect them in a few hours.


Your sketches are really nice, I like the third concept sketch . It really suggest some motion or direction to the target as you said. Looking forward to seeing these sketches turned into final images. Keep up the good work.:thumbsup:

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