Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Mark Okon


Thanks everyone for the comments: :slight_smile:

eupee: I think you are right, I probably will expand the bottom of the canvas by about 15%, thanks :thumbsup:

climax: I am thinking of trying out some old fashion vehical designs, I complete forgot about Da Vinci, thanks for the reminder. :slight_smile:


Here are some quick sketches of what the civilians could look like. Some of these concepts could work for what I want to construct.

I pretty much have my colour palette decided, it will be warm yellow/orange. This is because the planet this civilivation exists on has a more mars like lighting.

Anyway, what do you guys/gals think?


hi Mark…

hehe… very cool ‘retro-futuristic’ dressed folk… i like the guy in the center… he looks like an officer from the “chippolino” opera… hehe… very cool… also child on the right side reminds me a shepherd from the mountains of caucasus… absolutely the same dressing style…

in my opinion your choise of the yellow/orange color pallet is absolutely legitimate… especially comming out from the environment sketches…

hehe… i like your folk a lot…

keep great stuff up mate! :thumbsup:

cheers… :beer:


Great characters! They look like an animation film ones. They have something from euro comic style too. The outline looks great in your drawings. It could look good n the final image. The idea of air Leonardo´s vehicles could be good but fixing technology with them, the same way your characters do. Congratulations! Give us more!


ah I love retro-tech, great characters. It’s good to see some different takes on the Space Opera theme. Maybe their planet is rich in a reddish brown mineral which eventual dyes everything brown.


Thanks guys! I am glad you look them, I wasn’t sure what people would think.

Riki: That mineral idea is a good reason why everything would be died reddish/brown. I going to see where I can take that in once I start bringing all these elements together. Thanks :slight_smile:

greentek: I cooked these concepts up pretty fast, I guessed that these costume design exited somewhere else. Perhaps in my subconsious, I’v seen these somewhere but didn’t realize it.

kaparo: Thanks for the comments! :slight_smile:


the colours and costumes ring a similar tone to the series Last Exile, which is a good thing.


hey airborn. i like ur stuff so far. looks promising and may very well be inspiring soon enough :). i would reccomend thinking a bit broader. i myself dont know wat broader is, but it just comes to me. tells me ‘broader’. i need to work on the word ‘big n broad’ myself :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks for the kind words on my thread!
You’ve got a great feel going on here- I see a bit of Moebius and Miyazaki (Nausicaa), which I really like.

Can’t wait to see where you go with this!


I really love your last post and you have a sense of continuity beween your last and second to last posts. are you sticking with teh first environment sketches and altering the colors to the orange palette? i also like your color scheme. keep up the great work! can’t wat to see how all this comes together!


THanks everyone for the comments and suggestions. :slight_smile:

Peddy: I am glad you mentioned Last Exile, I needed more research material. Thanks!


Yep,really nice sketches you got there!!Like the last one!!!

Could imagine touristbaloons or something like that,with enormous monuments in the buildings and the flashes of their cameras reflecting etc,etc, just an idea like that.:slight_smile:

Waitnig to see the rest,great!!!

My spacepra!


Mark…Too cool…Very nice.Love the look and style,another one of my fav’s…I like the out of box thinking here,unique designs and interesting angles and viewpoints,nice color tones, and it just has a good feel to your art…I’ll be watching,and look forward to more eye candy…Keep up the excellent art here…:arteest:


OKMER, Virtuoso: Thanks for the comments! I am going to design the female characters next. Before saturday they should be up.


• I like very much your characters, They remind me to the art of Heavy Metal Magazine, COol!


Very nice sketches! I’ll follow ur thread with pleasure!


I love the first sketches… the influance, the approach… all agree me and I found the civilans too cool… all my best wishes for the following… I’m waiting the next update :bounce:


It’s cool to see how detailed your thumbs are, and how you seem to have everything so well planned out. I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of your concepts turn out!


You have been very successful in putting the viewer right in the middle of the scene. Looking at your drawings, I became a participant rather than a viewer. Like a visual equivilant to surround sound! Good Luck!


I love the Jet Design and the orange palette, My only thougt on your concept is to keep it looking like this world is held together by duct tape, super glue, and the necessity of the creators for their creations to work. Like it’s something that would have been built on a galactic version of “Junkyard Wars” It’d be funky and different that the usual slick sci-fi theme. But I’m not one to criticize at all, you work is great! :applause: