Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Mark Okon


Yes a very dynamic image…BIG BADDA BOOM!!! :thumbsup: Goodluck.


Nice work Mark, that is a cool scene, nice bit of illustration used in this entry. Good job, good luck in the judging and keep at it man!


Lemog, SideAche, Saschi0815, MDN67, element5, ||) |V| |^|: Thanks everyone for your kind words :slight_smile:


Very dynamic picture! I like it a lot. There could be some contrast between background and characters, but anyway a very enjoyable piece of work!


NinjaASSN: Thanks for the comment! I didn’t notice you left one a while back, so thanks once again :slight_smile:

I had a great time during this challenge. I can’t wait for the next!!


Hi mark,

Your GSO image is great no matter what the outcome sais. :thumbsup:
I hope to see you soon in the next challenge.

best regards


ditto, see u in the next one!


Thanks guys!

Congrates to the both of you for getting the community awards. You both deserved it!

See you in the next challenge!


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