Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Mark Okon


lynch: The wagons huh? I never though of resurrecting that idea. I may do so, you never know. I still have to populate the scene with vehicals so you may see something new that wasn’t posted as a vehical concept :slight_smile: GOod luck!


I love the feeling to this. You have a good perspective and nice coloring. Keep at it.


Very good perspectibe anf light, i love the reflective light of the blast. The choice of ambiant color is good too; perhaps you can make more détails on the building at the forward,… good work


I like the clouds in your new sky, but i preffered the hue of the previos sky. The blue tones clash with the oranges in the foreground, being complementary colors and all, and it’s hard to guess what you’d use then for the sky-riders to make them rise abouve that jangle of color. The grey tones echoed the feeling of dust in the foreground, working with the colors instead of fighting against them. The fact that it wasn’t a pleasant blue sky added a bit more drama to the piece, too, in my opinion. Either way, it’s looking nice: Good luck with finishing it. Can’t wait to see it with the riders back in!



Your new sky is awesome, but… i prefered the previous one. I have to agree with walrus on this. Your first try had a uniformity in tones that i think gave it a more dramatic look. Maybe it would work better with a slightly different blue ?
Anyway, great job as always. :thumbsup:


I have to agree with the others that the hue of the previous sky is much better. The bright blue in the second one is too much in contrast with the rest. Try make a combination of the 2 skies.
I love the composition, you have a nice fresh painting style as well! It’s looking good so far! :slight_smile:


||) |V| |^|: Thanks :slight_smile:

MDN67: I may put more details into the buildings, probably using a little bit of textures or something.

walrus: I had a feeling people would feel that way about the sky. I am going to try to mix the two together. But I have a feeling it may not work either. But my next update will have a fixed up sky. Thanks! :slight_smile:
montclaris: You are right, the sky doesn’t have the right feel. I will try to mix fix the hue a little. Perhaps that will help. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Lovliebutterfly: Thanks for the tip! I’ll see if mixing the two skies helps. It should be in my next update. Thanks!@ :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments and suggestions everyone. You are helping me a lot with zipping through the last few days that are left in this challenge. ^^


Hi I like your concept,and the blow looks very powerful,I expect your finish work.


I changed the sky colour once again. I feel it works a little better. I also added more buildings in the middleground, and also repainted the explosion. I am still not completely happy with the explosion but I will leave it for now and finally start the riders.

Any comments on the adjustments :slight_smile:


g8long: Glad you like it! I changed the explosion once again, I hope you find this one a more powerful display. :slight_smile: Thanks!


Very cool. Nice work Mark. I love the explosion and how you have the effect of it blooming outward. Keep at it!


nice explosion man maybe you should give the ground smoke more of a rushing motion in the same way the perspective is going to account for the force of the big bang and to give the image that extra dynamo , it looks like it not being affected by the explosion.But other wise im liking it.


Hi Airborn,

The explosion looks good now and the impact has got an own character/style now. The background already looks good.

Maybe I would saturate the foreground part even more to get more kontrast into the scene. Especially now since you´ve established the big explosion in the background.

I´m looking forward to see the characters within the scene. Great work



I have to say, that’s definitely a sky that both looks “blue” but fits with the tones of your piece. Good work combining the two concepts! I agree with lynch, it would be nice to see more gasses/fog rushing around in the wake of the big explosion. And as it’s become so much more powerful than the previous explosions, it might be nice to see that treated more like a dominant light source for those foreground buildings: I.e. more yellowy highlights and longer shadows. But it certainly has an impact now… Good luck with it!




it’s looking very cool. Love it, kepp up the good work.


The blast is more expansive, it’s an impression of very big explosion, i like, but you lust be added more smoke around the blast no?


Looking great, and changing the sky really helped. It has a really dynamic feel to it, thanks to the perspective.
Only suggestion- try making the lines on the buildings a little thinner, they look a little less realistic the way they are.


Wow, that’s a big change from your previous color balance. I like this less saturated version better. Especially, you made a good job in fixing the sky issue. Though i’ll miss the glowing heat of the atmoosphere around the buildings closest to the explosion. The explosion itself is great as is. I don’t think adding more smoke would be a good idea, because it would further uncontrast the scene, and i don’t see the need of it anyway.
I agree that the contrast is overall lessened in this new version but it also has interesting consequences. The explosion really takes root at the center of the scene, this way. And it might come in handy when you start working on the characters : they’ll be easier to differentiate form the background.
This challenge is a great pleasure to follow and looks like a lot of fun to be in. I really wish i could paint to participate to the next one.


Great explosion! It’s very convincing and the little streamers flying out are a nice touch. The only critique I have is that I’d like to see the foreground buildings darkened up a bit, with more light from the explosion catching the edges. Overall this is a very strong picture, with a solid composition and color palette. Keep up the amazing work!! :applause:


I added the riders and I had to enlarge them a little because they didn’t fit well in this composition with all the lighting and things happening around.

I also decided not to include the air ships, instead it is a swarm of riders attacking the tower with homemade missiles and “mini nukes”. Talk about a party!

Anyway, with a few days left I am going to focus on touching up the riders and the riders in the background, along with cleaning up the entire images etc. etc…

Any comments regarding the riders? I feel the shadows and highlights could still be improved.