Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Mark Okon


Mark Okon has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Final Images!

This is the final image for the record. It is great to be done :slight_smile: I have learned many new techniques and overall improved my skills significantly.

I would like to first thank everyone who has provided me with feedback and critiques during the last 3 months. You have no idea how grateful I am for your help :slight_smile: Without it, I must say my entry would not be as strong as it is now.

I want to say congratulations to everyone who finished their entries or are in the last stretch to doing so. There is a large amount of talented artists who entered this challenge and it is great to participate along side everyone.

I would also like to thank the staff of CG Networks for establishing such a wonderful contest.

I wish everyone good luck with their final entry and I will be looking around for them during the voting stage.

Just to finish up with this challenge, this is the story behind my entry.

In the distant future, the people of Sahashi were being extremely oppressed by their emperor. As tension began to rise the Sahashians established an underground community that pledged to over through the emperor using force. However, because resources were rare and foreign trade was regulated, they themselves had to construct the weaponry from what possessions and materials they could acquire locally. After years of preparation, their desperation could wait no longer, and so the Sahashi revolution began with surprise attacks that lead to the destruction of the emperor’s home.


Finally had a chance to scan in some thumbs. I have several more on the way.

For now I want to explore city sky lines, and extreme angels. In my other concepts I was thinking of doing a huge city scape in the end with a civilivation that isn’t technologically advanced, instead of ships they use ballons, flying wagons, imagine ancient china with a futuristic twist to it. Sounds silly but I have some really great concepts.


Sounds and look promising airborn - doesn’t sound silly at all. Look forward to watchin how this progresses but a nice start so far.



Nice perspective - looks high populated and very massive

In this scetch you have thin background line - maybe you´ll
need a bit more space to let the image breath.


Another quick concept, basic city scape with a high angle, this one isn’t my favorite but I might as well post it.

I am currently colouring another one, I’ll post it soon.


Same idea, this time it is with ships flying within the city towards a target.

I am going to swtich my concepts into a different direction for the next set of concepts.


Looks good, taking shape nicely, I like the last one the best.


nice, clear roughs with clean values. I like these a lot, and being a fan of the whole ‘steampunk’ genre I like the incorporation of airships and a 19th century tech aesthetic.



interesting scketches and designs. keep it up


Thanks everyone for the comments. :slight_smile:

unitstudio: I totally agree, can’t wait to get into ship and vehicle design :slight_smile:


Very nice sketches and design concept. I think if you work a story into one of these it might increase your chances of creating a winning piece.

Keep up the good work.



Well I am not a 2d guy, but the concept so far is really cool and promising. waiting for your next rocking update:thumbsup:


Your sketches are really looking good. I’m looking forward to seeing the refinements and prorgression.

I like how you’ve created a sense of being enclosed while still maintaining a sense of scale with each of these.


crusty_butt, madshooter, oregano: Thanks for the comments! I should have some more updates soon, I promise I won’t keep everyone waiting too long. :love:


Yo Airborn, you’ve really got some good stuff here. I dig the way that it looks like you work. Thumbnail>scan high res>color. It really gives a lot of flavah and dynamism to your work. The colors and compositions you’ve chosen are CAKE too. I’ll be watching to see where you go with the ancient far east/ future motif. Sounds rad.



This is a short range jet bike, mainly for inner-city transportation.

I have a story (I think), the grand opera I am thinking of constructing is the uprising of a supressed society. Everyone basically revolts and together equipped with basic weapons and vehicals, bring their murderous dictator out of power. The scene will be a pinical point in the revolt when all men, women and young children take back the city, or are in the process of invading the center, (hense the third concept I created last week).


• Lovely colored sketches! and very good concept of light and shadows on them, I almost can see the final 3D image! and with all those “old fashioned” aircrafts i can’t wait to see more!

• I definitly like the old china idea, have you also consider some da’Vinci’s like aircrafts? It would be amaizing some Personal transportation units, where u can see the people actually flying’ems :thumbsup:


hi Mark…

im not a pro in 2D but one thing is clear for me… your environment sketches are one of the best i’ve ever seen including all well known modern artists… your composions are simply brilliant… :thumbsup:
you just got one fan… :arteest: i’ll fixedly follow your thread…

cheers and best of luck in challenge!


these concepts are pretty nice, great colour. also are you going to expend the bottom of the canvas? it would be good to show more at the bottom to show a high rise city, with heaps of action down the bottom


Man, you’ve got some sweet mechanical designs. And I like the last compostion the best. Just for the record