Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Mark Alford


Mark Alford has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Finally finished…:slight_smile:

Ok I am done, i know I could have kept going but it was time to wrap it up seeing the deadline so close… i have enjoyed doing this image and it was definately a challenge. Thanks all for there support and input. Goodluck to all.

Kind regards Mark E5


Hello everyone,

I am looking forward to this challenge, I had alot of fun doing the machineflesh challenge.

I have no idea where to start, I will have to do some serious brainstorming. I am very keen on technology within the Grand Space Opera…hhhhmmm will have to sleep on it see what pops up.

Hope to see many of my new CG friends here aswell :slight_smile:



Welcome back buddy, good to see youve joined in, goodluck with your concept. I will look forward to seeing what you come up with. Have a good one.:beer: :thumbsup:


Hiya Sketchfiend, Nice to see a familiar face :slight_smile: I should have some sketches done as soon as I get a chance :thumbsup:


concept 1


Concept 2


just added a bit of colour


just added a bit of colour


Hey, I’ve been following your concept work on Aegis. Great stuff! Looking forward to seeing you make this. I like the second concept better. Both are good though.


Zem´s right - the second one has defenetly more potential -

the scene looks maybe a bit too friendly.


second one with color, that works really well. What’s wrong with peaceful theme, if it’s iconic?


Thanx for your comments,

I do like the second one too, I have another concept I have been working on…I will have to post it.



Momentum: force of a moving body.

I have had this bouncing around in my head for a few days, More iconic than the others. I am thinking this maybe the one to go with.


Nice! I like your latest one. I think it’s always important to have emotion in an image


Your ideas are beginning to coalesce there Mark. I too think the latest is the strongest - it has the very real potential, as you say, of being an iconic piece.

Think I’ll pull up a comfy chair, crack open a beer, get comfortable and watch the progress of this one…

nice work mate!


There’s a great human aspect in all these concepts. I love it!


I like second one more, but there’s more action on the latest sketch.
I’ll keep looking here.
Keep the good job dude.


I think that first one was the best. If there would be some bodyguards on the stairs, more panic at the street (with explosions) and confused cops. It could be better than last one, in my humbled opinion :wink:


Wow, I posted the last image went to bed. I get up to find all your kind feedback…Thanx guys.

I do like them all but I really feel the latest is the one, I can see how I want it in my head. I can see a few sleepless night coming up…hehe.

Take care and thanx for looking in :thumbsup:


Definatly gonna keep an eye on this thread!

I gotta say that I like the space elevator thread, but it’s not iconic it’s more scene oriented in nature. I’d love to see it flushed out and finished personally because it makes such a solid SCI FI scene. :buttrock: