Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Marco Siegel


Great job. Lightening is very realistic.


Thanks for the quick response and the explanation. Although there isn’t much details to the buildings (it probably doesn’t need it since its in the distance as mentioned) I do tent to like the rough loose feel to it. The blur soft edges has this depth of field focus to it and works well when environment is seen as a whole. Pitty I don’t have a pen to get that lose feel on my work, was just curious if it would be possible to achieve a similar look and feel with a mouse.

Atmospheria: I’m not sure if this image requires a different bush to make it look interesting. If it was introduce, this would have to be applied to the whole artwork which might make it look messy and difficult to read. I think maintaining the consistency look and feel is important because it sets uniqueness and style of the image. Maybe overlapping the brush strokes in different direction might bring out a little bit more of the depth but its still hard to judge as state it may take away the consistency. Nevertheless I definitely agree with you about liking the style and theme.


hi !

terrific man !
extraordinary atmosphere !
colors are goods an ambiance too !
but… a little bit more significants aliens invasion objects will be good to push up the “theme” of the challenge !

without this good job !


french jedi


I think you might have a bit too much middle values–the image is lacking drama right now. Maybe vary the values a bit?


no way. its a peaceful postapocalyptic “lets build a rocket on the ashes of our destroyed civilisation to leave” scenery.
alien invasion ships wont fit to the plot… btw i think there are allready enough invasion themes here.


there is still some time to tweak on it but i got enough…

needs correct brightness/gammasettings to look acceptable


I rather like the dark colors in this one- gives it a very moody, heavily industrial feel. Different from the other entries too, in that the colors arent as bright.
The scene itself is well done. I like the plane design, very WWIIish.


Hi, your image looks great. Very cool atmosphere, also the plane lights and backgroud.
No critics.

Grand Space Opera - Leo Calv


I don’y know why you cut the shutle top, is like you wont to cut the sky in 2. Very nice cromatic.-thumbs up-:wink:


Hi, Your painting is really good and the details that you adds there
goes up it upwards.


Great pic! At the moment I think that clouds r too messy and they split the pic in too many parts. More blur or something to that part will bring attention to right places on the pic, so the viewers eye wont flying around and couldnt find the main interest of th pic. Just my opinion :slight_smile: Good luck!


i like your image the atmosphere and the color but you must insisting on the light at the right of the compsition good work and good luck


cool escene. The sunset is beautiful and the style of the airplane is nice.
but try to give it more life to the ambient. it could be dark and to have smoke but give it more contrast:scream:


Looks nice. The feel is very somber and calm, though. You might want to try adding some really dark darks in a few places, such as the plane in the front to pop it out from the background. A few more intense highlights wouldn’t hurt either. I think a nice rimlight on that plane in the front would be cool. Also, that thing it’s carrying on the cord looks like it’s behind the ship below it. I think this is because the ship has more contrast than the foreground element. Usually foreground elements have more contrast than things behind them. It wouldn’t take more than five minutes to fix, but I think it might help.


yeah thx man. i somehow missed to see this. i will try to overwork it if its still allowed


nice shapes


Hi Xen, I always loved how you sculpt with light. Great work, good luck!


final overwork.

thanx to everyone who gave me some tips.
i learned lots of new things so even if i end up on the last place it was worth the effort :wink:

PS: hey mime!


Hey congratulations on finishing it. You are already a star for having learn lots. All the best of luck and thank you too for poping around my thread to give me those helpful advice.


i like your work very much, love the dark colors an industrial look :thumbsup: