Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Marco Siegel


Hi! The city in the background looks really good. I like the lighting effects and perspective as well. Cool! :thumbsup:


yes! great wip

i checked ur website - beautiful artworks there… really!

im sure u will get many votes with ur final submission x)


Looking very nice.


playing around with comets and smoke


killing atmosphere u made here mate, and details etc…

u are my 2d favorite:)




thx man. i can need some encouragement :wink:


abit more variation with the colours now.
just needs a final overwork and some lighrays to be finished


Hi Marco,

Schöne Farbstimmung, sehr coole Perspektive und so viele Details - wie machst du das? In welcher Auflösung bearbeitest du das Bild?



… am ende des technisch verschmerzbaren mit meiner lahmen kiste. :wink:


Hi Marco,

[ Mir geht´s genauso. Ich mußte sogar noch ein wenig darunter. (4600x3177) :frowning: ]

Bekommen die Proppeller deiner Maschine noch ein wenig MotionBlur?



yup ist schon angedacht.muss es mal spaeter austesten wies aussieht

still to do:

motion blur and final work on the heli,rocket
sunrays,some lamps/lightsources


Oustanding Work :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Looks really really good. The colorscheme is brilliant!

And those avesome buildings make it very grand space opera indeed!
Good job!


holy dingdong! congrats with your piece!

altough it’s a bit blurry in my opinion, the composition rocks!
good luck


yeah. more details on the clouds are under work.


The mood works very well with the colours. Could you tell me how you achieved doing the background city, I’ve been struggling to work out a way to do it on my version of work so I have opted it on a different technique. Are you using a tablet to draw directly on the computer? Very nice work and turning out really well.


As others have mentioned, the acid color scheme is a perfect compliment to your grimy industrial setting. I also think the elongated, stylized perspective and scale of certain areas is a clever addition. One possible idea for you to ponder is to play with the details in your back, middle, and foreground to draw the eye to specific areas.


there is no big secret on this… its all handmade with a tablet.
you just need a hard edged brush and a big enough canvas.
it may look abit messy at original size but as you resize it later its quite useless to spend more time on detail work.

original size


yeah thats true.
im working on this right now.
thx for the suggestion


Liked your style. Your lines are a little rough, try to put some hard edges with hard brushes. Use some different brushes. The picture becomes boring with the same brush strokes. But loving the theme…keep it up!