Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Marco Siegel


Marco Siegel has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: dying world - finally the final :wink:

final overwork.

thanx to everyone who gave me some tips.
i learned lots of new things so even if i end up on the last place it was worth the effort :wink:

PS: hey mime!


could be time for some a dark neogothic mech invasion :=)

for what the hell do i have to submit a lineart?
waste of time


Good start - I look forward to more


basic lineart


ideas over ideas…


basic colouring.
some more colour variation soon…


Beautiful mood in this piece… looking forward to watching it evolve!

Great work!


Looks interesting, but I am curious to know. Did you paint the scenes that are in the concepts? There hasn’t been any previous work that shows your progress.

The scene does look interesting though.


well providing some more steps from the beginning isnt a problem.
i hope this stops any upcoming accusations…


Cool work, verry nice mood and colors…
I like the idea with the statue.

I`m looking for more…


Very nice sketchs, looks great :thumbsup: . My favourite is the number 1 and 3.
I like the buildings behind and ships.


awesome work so far man, the colours and detail are superb certainly one of my favourites. I cant wait to see more progress on the rockets (or buildings?) coming out of the mountain. they have a really nice shape to it. although i would like to see some more highlights in the bottom left quadrant as it recedes a lot. as i said though, looking forward to more


Your colouring is just amazing! Very realistic and moody. I am realy amazed. Gonna keep an eye on Your progress for sure. Good luck!


well the idea is that the last ppl there are building a ship on the ashes of their civilisation to leave the planet…so yes its a “rocket”


new version with basic lighting and new colours.
im currently changing the harbor fortress section into a more industrial complex with cooling tower and sht.
the heli is carrying some material now.
still lots of things to do…


i like the colors and mood of this pice of art! great work so far. signing up to this thread… can’t wait to see more.


Whoa man! That’s a very monumental piece. I really like the clouds! Can you load up a hi res. version?
I am wondering why people do not visit this thread more often.


thx for the kind words. the next one will be bigger.


quite a moody scene, nice!


Your work allures me by its quality, and these ideas, good road.