Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Maciej Kuciara


Thanks guys :slight_smile:
Here’s the newest update of the picture. And less time for it til 13 of January :frowning:
I’m trying to improve the detail, there should also appear few objects (samll ones),the sky will be corrected, also the city behind front buildings shall be improved with detail and structure.
The right-front building will also be changed with detail a bit.
After painting the details I’ll do some postprocesing to push up the picture. Hope I’ll have enough time for that, wish me luck!



Great im going yet another step down thanx to this super art :wise:

Might as well give you some critics. But the piece is still on the works. Well anyway here they come.

All the buildings in the background exhibit sharp shadows, but the foreground objects do not have them. Its pretty hard to evaluate the hovering height of the spaceship.
You could also brighten spaceship windows up a bit. Bring up the glassy reflection of the spaceship window on the floor.

What is the aim of your specular values on the building up ahead? Left part is looking slighty clayish since there is very low count of speculars.

Anyway great work! Way better than mine! :thumbsup: Sorry if these crits upset you, but please do give crits to my entry if you feel like punishing me up. :slight_smile:


Stunning detail and lighting, especially the building. I like the old feel it has to it.
Nothing to criticize here. Keep it up.


Falcor_ I’m not upset :wink: You got some few point I didn’t see earier which is helpful.Thanks!


hey, awsome painting, theres just a little thing that confuses me a little… there is a bridge on the right that just stops… is it suppose to be like that or havent you painted it yet?


ROAR Tiger :slight_smile:


I upload this file ( found anothor, one of very first progress files ) just to finish line art milestone (I didn’t got the answer in \Q&A thread :(). I just very seldom work with linearts and I base most of my works on color sketches. Hope this is ok…


Now the latest update. I’m still working with almost all parts of the picture. I added some coloristic mask but it seems that the left part of the picture bacame a little bit to heavy.
The plan to fix it: I’ll paint a small building in lower right corner, where I left now the place for stairs. Still much work to do and only few days left, I will have to cut working with final details before 15-16 or I’ll be late with uploading final image :frowning: Damn…


I like.

i get an early starwars feeling from this, which is good, very good, inspirational.


Very nice work…! :bounce:


Very nice work! I really like the way it’s turning out, although I miss the color that you had in the intitial concept sketch. Great work nonetheless. :thumbsup:


Really nice image, especially your colors. Looks almost 3D.


nice work tiger. keep it up :thumbsup:


The prospect seems to me is slightly deformed. Especially noticeably on the left building. Try to check up it having turned a picture mirror across.

Work is magnificent! Very good light!


This really is a beautiful piece! I love the details you keep adding as you work.

I wish I could pend as much time in this stage, I might like my work better lol I seem to spend forever in the rough stage.


Wow! Thats impresing. Very realistic and detailed work. I would reaely love to see some closeups.


Great progress :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

If I can suggest one thing the ship on the right is too monochromatic… maybe some verry small color touch will make it more interesting… small lights, painted symbols, cables, anything…

Agree with KaleN, that will be nice to see some closeups…

Anyway this is a grand piece of art from far :bounce:


Here’s another update. I took some more attention on detalis of architecture and city behind. I also added few new bulidings and so on.

Nomad-I’ll work on ship today evening tommorow morning. There will be some more detail on it and I’ll break its ‘monochromaticy’ :wink:


KaleN - here are the closeups you wanted :slight_smile:


WOW! That’s an amazing peice of artwork. The details are amazing. I have a couple of suggestions that I think would take this peice over the top. First, I feel like I am falling off the peice of artwork. I think that is because of the strong perspective that you have chosen which I think is great. I think what would help is to make the mountian in the far lefthand corner larger and bring it up about half way up the ship. The second suggestion is to overlay this sky with a subtle romantic sunset. I think it would help with the color issue and and help explian the long shadows that you have going. I did a quick overlay of your peice with these suggestion and will send it to you if you would like.

Good Luck!