Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Maciej Kuciara


hey, looks good. I like the style. My only suggestion is that, as to me feels rather bleak and bereft of action, adding something dramatic going on somehwere would be good (an explosion? a spaceship dogfight? etc)


great sketch Maciej !!! :thumbsup:
looks very grand… and very nice…
best of luck and see you later mate…


Ur pic has a great potential of being grand. Its not necessery to look like a SW just coz of its architecture. U have ur own original elements, and thats what important.

My suggestion is that u put lots of happening in the first plan. Make a great arrival, loooots and looots of people in the first plan. That will make that walking of the character more emotional and dramatic. Just an idea which I think it would work good.


I agree with NinjaASSN, the scene is just too empty. And there’s too many similiarities with SW. I personally would make the statues appear a lot bigger in the scale, add more people to the scene…:slight_smile:


hey… i really dig the drawings! it’s weird i saw your earlier one a while ago, but i didn’t remember the ship in it…huh? or maybe it’s just that i find the ship overpowering somehow? have you thought about toning it down or moving it off to side more…? also somehow the building seems like it should be bigger in comparison to the hero… anyway, cool stuff!


hey, also just wanted to add, that imho it doesn’t need any more filling, ie. characters, ships explosions… looks good as is


Beautiful rendering but as you say, the SW influence is a little too overt. It’s not so much the vehicle looking like slave 1 but rather the palace looks very much like Theed on Naboo.

Love the composition - i would try to explore the look of the environment a little bit more.



lol I probably only agree with the SW reference because it is pointed out, but I do think it is different and beautiful. I think it carries an old world feel as well - Greek and Italian…and I think that SW does this too…which is a good thing. I think that anything in the Sci Fi and Fantasy Genre is going to be interweaving theme wise, so it is different enough to me. …I am echoing…so time to go lol Good work!


Thanks guys!
I’m back from holidays, ready to finish the picture. I’ll post few updates very soon.


Someone asked for a very first sketch a while ago. I finally found it while browsing some dump on my HD.


And here are the changes I did before holidays. The changes weren’t big, just few added details and little different color mood (very little ;)). The SW influences the picture I know that and I’ll try to change it in futher progress. Sci-fi buldings are in very sketchy for the moment. I’ll post the newes’t update today very very soon.
Again thanks for comments.


Hi there tiger! Nice to hear u r back :slight_smile: I like the changes, maybe u could even exagerate with that shitty mood a bit.
And I have an idea how to make a distance between ur pic and a SW. What is similar to SW, is order, VIPs infront of the ship dressed in a coat and buildings in the background (thats the biggest). So what could u do, is to change the roof of the dome. Dont cancel the dome, just add 4 or more small towers rising to the sky (out from the picture). That will completely change the feeling of a SW architecture and a SW as well if u ask me. Just the building in the first plan… not more.
Good luck! :slight_smile:


coming along really nicely…


Yeah it’s pretty “nabooish” but still imaginative! And beeing nabooish isn’t a bad thing…at least when the gungans are not around :wink:

Everything clicks to place in this Artwork…Can’t find anything wrong with it…perspective is good and colors are dazzling! the concepts are also really nice…I’ll still like to see some sketches from you…to get the designs open up a bit more.

good job and good luck! :>


wOw, great picture, i like the style the color and the lighting, good work, i wait the final image


The image is looking great! I really like the cinematic feel of it. It does look like a shot from SW:thumbsup:


I did few steps with detail and architecture updates, and there’s much work to do. Wish me luck I’ll get the final image before 17 :wink:
ninja-that’s good idea, but I tried to push it more into greek/roman. Lets see how it works :slight_smile:
More updates soon.


Great progress here, I hope you can finish on time this nice image.

Will you refine the skyscrapers a little? They look verry “undetailed” comparing to the forground antic building… maybe just some variations showing some windows lines will be enough :curious:

Powodzenia :thumbsup:


what else can we expect from such an artist as you. Heading for another award! :thumbsup:


Really interesting your painting and good blow of brush,
good luck.