Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Maciej Kuciara


There’s not much left :slight_smile: I think picture will be finished late tonight. For the last step I’ll do postroduction. Hope It will look a little better :wink:
Thanks for all of your copmments!
And wish me luck!


brilliant work man, the latest post has an amazing amount of detail, i think the lighting is certainly one if its strong points. unfortunately i dont have any crits for you, just thought id compliment you and wish you luck


i’m a next guy without any crits to post… just compliments.
great mood and detail. nicely done. :thumbsup:
waiting for the last touch…


Hey Tiger,

Stunning piece. I really enjoy this one. I’d only suggest to add a little rim light to pop those red robed characters out a bit more from the shadows behind them. And perhaps darken the value of the sky at the very top left of the image, just that sliver and triangle behind the statue - my eye keeps remembering that jumping while I’m looking around your image. Real nitpics, as it’s almost there.

Great work!

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Always nice pic extremly detailled, an oceanic ambiance, i like this pic, good work


Outstanding work. It’s a joy to look through all the details.
The perspective is also quite interesting - much like a wide angle lense - well done.

Maybe try a few faint lense filter gradients over the sky - give it a try it may enhance that cinematic feel you’ve created.

I look forward to the final image - all the best.


Hi Tiger1313. :eek: It’s amazing, it has many of the qualities that I love in SF art. Excellent architecture too, it’s spot on. I’d prefer it without those streams of airborne vehicles, making the mix of ancient civilisation / futuristic vehicle even more pronounced. But I’ll take it just as it is, it’s just beautiful.


Beautiful!~! Congratulations on finishing your entry, your entry has a great sense of scale, nice colours and great visuals, Good luck! :slight_smile:


Ok here’s the final image. I won’t have time to work on it tommorow and the final tif have to be uploaded :frowning:
Thanks for all the comments you gave me!



Great image Maciej :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I whish you the best luck for the final :bounce:


Perfect rendering technique… I wish I could do that… Anyway, congatulations on ur final piece, its an awesome one, one of my favorite. Right now I see some things that could make it even more grand (at least for me), like painting a great wall in the back instead of those seperate buildings, but the way it is now is still one of the best. Good luck! I wish u all the best… coz u r a very good artist!


:thumbsup: Great [color=darkorange]Work!!you have my vote[/color]:thumbsup:


very inspiring` like someone else said

its a narrative of its owngreat work

you have my vote! and good luck with everything
that you continue to do`



Thought it looked familiar to me…hmmm
Like one of Dusso’s Matte Paintings.


starwarsy and Dusso , grand looking, too
congrats dude !


Congrats man… awesome job!


Hi Maciej,


I´m looking forward to see your tutorial. Great work.

best regards


Hi, All my compliment for your price. :applause:


Congratulations! Your work is awesome.




Tommy Lee