Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Maciej Kuciara


Maciej Kuciara has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: The Messenger

Ok here’s the final image. I won’t have time to work on it tommorow and the final tif have to be uploaded :frowning:
Thanks for all the comments you gave me!



I’ve entered the challange with few hopes to finish this artwork. The main idea of the picture is to show a messanger arrival (lets say his rather important guy :wink: I’ve got few inspirations from both Star Wars, antic Greek civilization and vienna-stadt opera. Hope I won’t change whole the sketch too much (first idea before drawing was to put whole the stuff in deep dark space with lot of stars here and there and so on). There was also an idea to show not messanger but a parade, but I think I’ll drop it and stay with what I have now…
Anyway, wish me luck :wink:


beautiful - absolutely gorgeous love the concept though personally i’d be extactic with that as my final work =)

anyway great stuff cant wait to see it as it progresses from here


What I most love in an image, is that it can tell a story, and thats what yours do. Great suspense. One thing: the buildings dont look very well to me. It is just a sketch, I know, but they look a little bold, not very mpressive as the roman empire ones. About the ship, talking about a messenger, I imagine someone who made a very long trip to carry his message, so I think the ship must transmit this idea: dust, scratches, smoke, bruises, etc. Nice work. Keep on it!


Powodzenia :slight_smile:

btw, i’d redesign that spaceship, from the scratch most likely - as now the impression of ‘slave 1’ from SW is bit too strong :wink:


Hi Tiger1313 - just wanted to say: amazing start. The architecture and the statues really give off a sense of established culture, the desert setting is classic, the ship has been very nicely rendered, though it is a bit Slave-1 ish. Can’t wait to see more! :thumbsup:


hello buddy!!!
nice to see you here^^
good luck :wink: honour to be challenge with you :slight_smile:

really cool first sketches :wink:


This is a great sketch (to me it looks like almost final!!!) lone the view angle & colors. can’t wait to see this getting along.



Thanks guys,
For the ship, as I look on it now, yeah, it’s to slave-1-ish :wink:
See ya til next update.



Very nice composition. I really like the angel you have on this piece. However, I feel as if the lack of people and the massive architecture in the deep background makes it feel as if you are taking the audience out of the action, or “grand” civilivation that it is. Perhaps more people in the middle ground?

I hope you do not take this negativly, the way it is right now is beautif, I just though I’d mention what I think.

Keep up the awsome work. :slight_smile:


i would change the composition a little, dark ship is much too close to the right edge of the picture. i think.
rest is very promissing. keep up a good work. powodzenia :slight_smile:


I can definitely see the inspirations in this piece. It looks fantastic, I really dont have any ideas on what would improve it. Look foward to seeing more progress :).


wow your first sketch really reminds me of the castel saint angelo in Rome! (with teh bridge lined with statues leading up to a massive building) great job so far! i can’t wait to see more!


More, and more painters with god like skills, enters this challenge. I guess, I’m going to be at the bottom, when it comes to judges.
Nice consept, those colors look so real, and harmonic. And the composition is great.
Though only criticue I have is that it would’ve been nice to see some progress pictures. But since this is some old consept, I guess you don’t have any…


Great start…although it’s starting to look finished already. Perhaps that is one of your main problems…it is looking to defined.

What you could improve, in my opinion, would be to leave some of the Star Wars inspirations behind. The city looks too much like Naboo; you already know about the spaceship; the statues also look Naboo-like…and those red figures to the right look like the Emperor’s guardians (I might be exaggerating with this one!). But that is where you could make your work stand out. Make something Star Wars like but completely new!

Your image looks clean and crisp, quite different from what is being posted here in the 2D section, which is good.

And the three figures you have in your setting work out nicely.

Really good start!


I didn’t do many changes, just few wip line and shape corrections here and there. Its hard now for me to find more time to do some more changes or corrections, I just focused first on getting the pic to look little better :slight_smile:
I also tried to catch some other idea for the ship, but didnt find any that would fit this scene. I know that the whole picture could look little bit star war-ish, but the whole idea of the picture was to put the scene in antic-futuristic landscape, anything that look this way is just SW-ish I think :wink:
I’ll try little more harder next time, know that there nothing special here to critique, but any new would do me good :slight_smile:
I’ll keep working and updating the changes.


Very nice sketches. I get a SW’ish effect. But its not that easy to do grande sci-fi and not resemble something. Keep up the good work.


this is looking great - maybe the you could expand the city upwards and off into the distance a bit to really get that awe-inspsiring feeling. I agree with the above posts that this feels a lot like naboo…what about switching up the pallete a bit so it’s not so similar?


blackarts, that might do, I also thought about the city itsefl, there were even idea with great portal above or rocket-starting-station or something. Must be something resonable that would look good in that kind of composition. I’ll try to do some experiments when I’ll get some more time. Surely I know this stuff must be finished til the end of competition :slight_smile:



it remainds me Hyperion, one of my most favorite novels i ever read. this art is truly epic i must say.