Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Luis Nuñez de Castro


Luis Nuñez de Castro has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Final image!

My final image! I put in it some texture to give more noise to the image (cleany images aren’t epic!) and I did some little color change (more saturation). I put a bit of movement blur in some parts of the image, and lightened the upper third of the image to focus the attention on the ship of the close-up. I hope you like it.


This is my first concept sketch: the idea is that in this region of the space the spaceships there been fighting for years without interruption, and because of that there’s a lot of destroyed spacecrafts and space garbage, in which contenders have hide bases and harbours. Down are soldiers in spacesuits, maybe they’re going to rescue a damaged spaceship or maybe they are running away from their shelter.


I really like this concept, it has great potential. The image is very pleasing to the eye, even though there’s a lot going on (which is good, seeming as it’s suposed to represent something on a large scale).

The idea behind the image interests me, almost like an area where you can see a lot of history, because all the destroyed spacecraft will have something personal about them I guess.

Anyway, good luck, and I look forward to seeing this idea develop.


From that picture I imagine a universe that lives on the edge of a black hole… always being swirled around and slowly pulled in… at a slow rate however, where new ships and life and garbage is always adding to it so that the trail never ends no matter how much vanishes… a natural selection of removal of that which is no longer needed in the cirlce of the life cycle that is. i think that the picutre really has great movement, i love being able to have a scene to look at the draws the eye in a specific manner, can be the most important aspect of a work of art. great job. keep it coming.


The same idea but closely to the battlefront… Actually I don’t like this one.


Saludos y buena suerte en esta competencia!! Me sorprendo por la cantidad de de latino Americanos estan aqui!!

Well, i can see why you dont like the second one, it is a little confusing.

The concept of a wreckage yard of defeated armies in space is rahter intersting. In fact, for specific ref. I would recommend that you check out the game [color=silver]FREELANCER by Micorsoft. In it ( in kyoto space area ) they have an neublea full of derelict spacecraft. It is a VERY good guide to some of the stuff you are doing.[/color]

Buena suerte.


I much prefer the first idea, it’s more original, more interesting, and has more history behind it also.

I’d also recommend you take a look at freelancer, not only is it a good game, but it would serve as quite a good reference for your idea.

I look forward to seeing your idea (hopefully no. 1) develop.


Well, I see that the first idea is best and I’ll pay attention to your advice of see Freelancer game. Anyway I’ll try to do an approaching between the first idea and a space battlefront.


hi Luis… the first sketch and idea are really good… you just have to put some good background story and it will work fine… i like concept… keep it up and good luck in challenge…


Here are more sketches based in the same idea that the first one, but trying different approaches and searching for a palette as well as testing vertical composition.
I’ll try to do a more into-the-action picture.


I like 3rd wave of your sketches but they look like part of larger entity.I must say i like every of your sketches.Because you look like very ethutiastic in improving your idea,my suggestion is:Why don’t you improve your first idea it’s very very good,ligting and everything else invokes very meditative feeling in me,instead of addiction of more tense to action displayed by you.Don’t get me wrong.As i said,i like every piece of your work,espetially your working with lights nd space,but i agree with others that your first idea is your best idea.Good luck.


In my opinion the horizontal composition works best - the original composition is very eye pleasing, and interesting.

I’d very much like to see that original idea done with the vibrant colours of these further developments, that’d really begin to show what the final image may look like.

I really like the idea of the first concept, especially with the people walking on a platform into what appears to be nowhere - very cool indeed.


There’s a hidden base in which the ships are repared and reloaded. In the background are the explosions of the big battle between motherships, frigates, and interceptors.


Te deceo suerte en esta competencia Luis ostias :smiley:

Wish you luck luis :smiley:


wow man - now that concept ROCKS!

I’m guessing it’s the same as the first composition wise from a different angle?? I had no idea tha platform was a base thing -sweet.

V.nice work.


I see that you all likes more the first sketch, but I’m not sure yet about the idea. Maybe I’ll test some composition in the orbit of a planet, or a battleground, cityscape… If I have enough time, of course!


hi LuisNCT…

everyone likes first sketch because there is clear composition… from other pictures it’s difficult to understand cos of a lot of smoke i think… your drawing skills are quite good so you can prepare few more test sketches…



This is a first concept sketch for the spacesuits of the astronauts. Maybe I’ll put some enemy astronaut too. An assault scene or something like that. In that case I think that the attackers will be alien-breed.


Outstanding concepts…:thumbsup:


Another concept sketch, this time done in painter. The true is that I’m still not work well in painter cause I ever work with photoshop, but I’ll keep trying to use painter cause its big possibilities…
Well, this sketch idea is the same of the previous: there’s hidden bases in the asteroids fields and in this case enemy ships have approached two much.