Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Leonardo Calvillo


Leonardo Calvillo has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: my grand space opera

It’s done, this is my final image. No more changes.
Thanks to everyone for the opinions and critics and good luck to all people, I really want to see all the final images. I like this cg challenge, I can’t wait for the next challenge jej.


This is just the machine sketch


That’s pretty cool. the tails could be very effective in your image. The top part may be too symmetrical but thats my opinion. It’s a little difficult to picture this in a different viewpoints but you’ll probably do other sketches of it. cool. great stuff.


i like how clean the style is in this piece. it would be interesting to see an entry done in a more design- oriented manner than painterly, if that makes sense.


cool, feels like a brain trapped in a machine with tentacles like nerves or something. I like the cleanness of the design.


Thanks for the opinions, I need to do more sketchs with different viewpoints and also colors.
Let’s see what can I do and good luck in the challenge


Alone in the space, this kind of machine is one of the last survivor ships…
Another concept, this time with color


man, i love ur concept, its amazing… and actually its my wallpaper too :smiley:


Different perspective of the ship…
Suerte a todos con sus trabajos.


Ok! this is my last sketch (black and white), it’s a space station abandoned…
Reviews are welcome


Here is second color sketch, the same ship but with a few changes.
I need to agree more space ships like this one and maybe the space station but i don’t know.
Check back soon.


hey there leonardo.

like ur work so far. its very abstract, therefore catching the ‘mystery of space’ :P. who knows, wat u portrayed just might be. anyway, its coming out good. congrats. kepe it up


Fine design, real alien shape ! I immediatly imagine it’s a plan sent by unknown intelligence to learn us how to buid a ship …

My space opera thread


I’m Trying to do a spaceship with a biosphere inside, like a mobile city or something similar where lots of people can travel.


Sorry, I don’t speak english very well…:sad: :slight_smile:


A quickly sketch of a new ship design.
Critics are welcome!


hey man i like the machines youre doin they remind me of the stuff off the matrix and i like those movies alot. you added a cool twist thatll take your work far keep it up man


I just added more ships in the space and some stars, I will be working in the spacestation and maybe another ships.
Critics are welcome.


Now I’m working in this new sketch. It’s very simple but I want to add a small city and ships, maybe also some characters.


New idea and sketch, I’m going to do some changes but this is the basic idea.
Critics are welcome