Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: krzysiek kamrowski


thx guys… :slight_smile:

azazel, that kind of scratches usually sits in compositially important place :wink:
arctis you are right, no time unfortunetly.

btw. i’ve made up a story:

Cardinal Draschaounteaunt is getting back home on the deck of his cathedral ship. Although he sees a Nebula destroying his World he’s not afraid. He’s a believer. He knows he will go to hell… :twisted:


Great work Krzysiek! Nice designs, details, workmanship. Nice vision. Well done man!


Love it! The architecture, the technique, the colors… nothing to crit… really. Good luck!


The ships are impressive:eek:

Great concept

Good luck:thumbsup:


WOW! This came up awesome I love the look of the whole image…Goodluck to you :thumbsup:


What a unique idea! I`m wondering… polish artists always have surprises. Not accidentally Beksinski one of my favorite painters.
Congrat to you! :thumbsup:


I’m back to compliment you a second time. I’ve spent so much time looking at your painting, it’s one of my favorites in the competition. Very inspiring and also technically excellent.


big thanks for your support guys :slight_smile: :love:
you’r making my face smiling :thumbsup:


very good job and nice ideea. I like the cromatics, and the main ship.good luck


Congrats man… awesome job!


Hi, All my compliment for your price. :applause:


hi kengi,

congrats to honorable mention - a great image with beautiful brush flow and powerful design.

best regards


Congratulations- I have to say though that your piece is my favorite in the entire competition. Really excellent.


We did it,… congrats for honorable mention. Stunning piece and should been ranked muuuuuch higher:thumbsup:


Tommy Lee


Sorry, I wasn’t there to vote, just wanted to say that your piece is my favourite.
It looks just like a still image from Zdzislaw Beksinski’s “Laputa - Castle in the sky” :).


thax all!!!

here are my brushes used for this challenge, as i promissed (photoshop cs):

Irratio, is it possible i like beksinski works, and know them pretty well, but cannot remeber this witch you are talking about, if you could provide a link would be nice. thanks.


Laputa - Castle in the Sky actually isn’t Beksinki’s work, but an Anime by Hayao Miyazaki.
In the film there is a warship named Goliath, it looks like a dark cloud sent by the gods.
Then I thought, if a surrealist like Zdzislaw Beksinski ever was to produce his own version
of Gulliver’s Travels, it would have affected me similarly. Alas, I believe, this wouldn’t be
his style. So Im glad that you exist, too.


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