Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: krzysiek kamrowski


thx tiger. :slight_smile:

here comes cathedral… i think that the colors won’t be so, when i will merge it with spaceship.


looks good, great idea.


awesome work so far, i cant wait to see it all together it should make for a great painting. you have a very nice style so no crits at all, good luck getting it finished in time.


The detail, atmosphere and mood of this piece is fantastic!

I can’t wait to see the whole thing finished… won’t be that long now!

Great work… love the Rose windows!


I was beginning to worry about your entry :wink: Fortunately seems i was wrong. Cant wait to see the final one.


Thats some realy beautifull painting! I am teaching a friend of mine how to paint and told her to look at this as a perfect example of what to do! :slight_smile:

I also realy like the catheidral reference that building has!


This is coming along very well. Look at the close up details, its cool. No suggestions other then “Just get this done for the submission” best of luck and hope to see your final work soon.


Beautiful work, details please me. I wait on update!


Kengi - nothing constructive for me to add here, aside from saying that it looks great! I love the gothic feel and architctural influences on the big ship. Good luck finishing it, I can’t wait to see the whole thing all together!



thank you ALL. because of You guys it’s a real plesure doing this! :slight_smile:

almost finished… i will add some more details on “wings” and lower part of the big building. and i’m wondering about some post-production… :slight_smile:


I’d love to see some stronger (brighter) lights coming from the church Rose Windows, especially the one that are in shadow. I think that would make the image more dynamic as the back end of the “Church” is a bit dead right now.

Beautiful work though! Can’t wait to see the full rez version of this image!


Hi Kengi, what a wonderful image! I really like what you’ve done here, it’s a very original concept done with style. Cgkrusty’s point about the stronger lights is a very good one, it would add a really nice detail to reward closer inspection. It’s looking great so far, can’t wait for it to be finished. :thumbsup:


awsome amount of detail, and great lighting, cant w8 for the finished thing!!


wow! incredible! :eek:
i think the shadow on the right wing might be a little to warm.


that’s all folks. thanks for all your support. as i mention before this challenge was a great plesure, because of YOU! i wouldn’t finish it without your support. i wish you all good luck!

CodeNothing… good point with the shadow. i’ve fixed it.

cgkrusty, Speaky, i’ve tried to add a little light (just a little).

hope you all like it. till the next time…


That black circular film scratch is bit distracting, as it happens to sit in compositionally important place on the image. No other things, looks great.


All right, you got my vote! :slight_smile: Great illustration!


Beautiful work, though I think you could add more ships activity around the main ship…
I really hope we’ll see more works from you !
Good luck ! :scream:


WOW!! BEAUTIFUL!! This image is fantastic- great work!


Very gret pic, extremly detailled, a very good work, good luck