Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: krzysiek kamrowski


You’re making an awesome view of a planet !
Beautiful work !!!:thumbsup:


thanks guys!!!

CENOBITE, thanx for crits. on this stage of work i’ve just “move” overall shape of the cysters church, i think that details i’ve planned to add to this ship will change it more. buttressing is interesting idea.
i think that integration will come, stay tuned :slight_smile:


for me this is one of the most exciting threads in the competition. I know you’re working in photoshop…how do you get thoose brushes?! (like the one with loads of small dots) i have to say your painting style is inspirational. how is the latest painting going to fit in with the other stuff?

for that grand space opera style, you could put something absolutely huge on the surface…


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excellent, just short of astral projecting while drawing eh? :scream:


Your images so far are incredible…no crits from me :thumbsup:


Hi, great job! I think the cathedral idea is great. The suggestion of gargoiles is good too. I am imagining something extremely amazing on it. Keep working!!!


Wow i really like where this is going. You’re colors in the landscape are gorgeous. I can’t wait to see you put this all together!
Good job!


Incredible work indeed. Can’t wait for another upadate


impressive colouring style. cant wait to see the finished pic


sorry for not posting replays, had some problems.

Freefall Alpha wrote: ‘how do you get thoose brushes?!’
well i just make some dots select them and use create brush command. then f5 and trying some of the settings there, esspesialy scattering and angle. i will publish all brushes i’ve used on this project after the challenge is finished.

Thanks all, again!!! i love getting that kind of posts :applause:


here’s finished planet layer.


planet and clouds layer.


very nice render !
Don’t forget to put some glow (diffuse light) on the horizon of the planet.
Keep it up ! :thumbsup:


Wow, really love your planet and clouds! Good luck. :thumbsup: Claireabella


wow, very nice clouds! I wait for more.


Apart from the glow on the horizon, id’ soften the horizon a bit - now the sharp edge kind of draws too much attention. No blurring, just few brushstrokes to blend it slightly :wink:


Those clouds look very menacing… great work! Looking forward to see it all come together…


Outstanding. I’m looking forward to seeing all the components come together.


thx all, thanks for the glow… hope ill finish it before end of this challenge :slight_smile:

here are some ship details, im finishing it 3/4 ended… and then the cathedrall


cathedric space ship :slight_smile: low the colors and lighting.
I only don’t like this cloud of dust, looking kinda flat and strange to me.
anyway, keep it up kengi!