Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: krzysiek kamrowski


hi, I like your style. The concepts are interesting - I wonder whether the last one is a bit empty? perhaps needs a third point of interest.


Hi Kengi,
Well man, I really am curious of your work !!! Your sent very high potential pictures, especially the last one ( great portraits too…):thumbsup:
I’ll keep an eye on your thread.

Can we see your portfolio somewhere???


Wow, great style. I like the ultra high feeling of this. Cool texture.


Great perspective! I see a lot of entrant really thought really big!


vapourtrail, i forgot to mention… im using only photoshop, now i’m doing perspective in 3d. witch i’ll post soon.

bolchover, yeah maybe it is bit empty, but i hope details will cover this, and will add two other space ships witch are attempting to land in the cathedral city. im thinking also about lots of small ‘interceptors’ witch are flying next to the ‘cathedral’ spacecraft.

Arctis, thank you for your interesst. you can see some of my works here.

dougbot, Leadpump, thank you very much :slight_smile:


Hi Kengi,
Your link to your website doesn’t work…
Tell me when it will be OK !


This is really great. I think the ship design has a unique look, and the compostion looks great. I do feel like you could use some more darks in there though. It’s not dramatic enough just yet in my opinion. I really liked you sketch with the face and buildings in the background. It had dynamic perspective, and you felt the overwhelming size of everything. I’m not feeling that on the new sketch though. Maybe just some forced perspective would do the trick. Great job overall!


First ‘cathedral’ concept gives IMO impression of bigger scale - maybe because of that background planet reference. It all looks smaller on the second one, some kind of size reference here would not harm.:thumbsup:


Wow! lovely design for that ship, reminds me of the Slave 1 from star wars! But over all, awesome! Great grungy colors =) Love it


Yep,got no crits so far,this is looking great and it’s a great start.
I prefer the cathedral too and I thought that maybe some cyborg-gargoyles could be cool hanging around the ship/cathedrale…Just an suggestion.
I’ll sure be back here,good luck mate!!!

My Grand SpaceBra 2d:


Hello Kenji, I just wanted to say that I think that is great that you are taking your time on this project in regards to spaceship design as well as the other complimentary settings, your letting it evolve in a natural way I admire that.


Well your technqiue is very impressive these are great concepts. I jsut think that you should add more action in your picture, like spacehift figths or something


The ship design is great! Colour palette and lighting gives Your image nice mood. I think that it may look interesting if You paint some distant buildigs beneath the ship.


maybe i’ve spend too much time on this stage, but i like maya :slight_smile:


i’ve divided my work to main layers, and started to work with the planet. oryginal size is 5200px wide.


above i’ve posted some details of this pice :slight_smile: thx for all posts. always is better to work knowing that somewone likes it.

thank you all very much!


The cathedral/ship is a good idea. Quite unique. Perhaps it is too literal, tho. It almost looks like someone took one and just placed it in space. Maybe take the ribbed buttressing and bulk it up a bit. Or have the buttressing go completely around the ship. Remember the design of the large ship in Alien Resurection? It took from the idea of repeated forms like the buttressing of gothic churches. Take the usual elements seen in space craft and integrate them a bit more into the motif, then I think you will have somthing indeed special.


Cool sketches here! I especially like your last aerian view! It feels like its alomost real.
Great work so far!:slight_smile:


im loving your concepts man =D


this begins to be very very interesting !!! your planet is amazing