Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: krzysiek kamrowski


krzysiek kamrowski has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: all done

that’s all folks. thanks for all your support. as i mention before this challenge was a great plesure, because of YOU! i wouldn’t finish it without your support. i wish you all good luck!

CodeNothing… good point with the shadow. i’ve fixed it.

cgkrusty, Speaky, i’ve tried to add a little light (just a little).

hope you all like it. till the next time.


first post here :), so hello everybody. goodluck to all.

one of the first concepts. but only one witch is worth uploading. rejected.


here’s second one, a little bit more advanced. but also rejected. now im fincking about a bigger scene, concept soon.


Did you base that second ship on some church/cathedral building structure ? looks bit like that :slight_smile:

Good luck :slight_smile:


nice painting, there’s drama to the lighting.
I like the composition of the second piece. I think it would make a nice large scale backdrop to some sort of action.
Maybe it needs something in the lower lefthand area, like the planet being bombarded from orbit? The fact it’s going into shadow there would suit something illuminated or foreground objects picked out in the light.

good start mate…


azazel, yep it’s a cysters church combined with multiplied gotic cathedral elevations. little bit changed here and there.
thx :slight_smile:

mistermac thx for your feedback, you’re right… maybe i’ll do something more with this pice. but i’ve got totally different idea, hope to finish concept soon… stay tuned :wink:


Your concept sketches are really good, and detailed despite beingi n a rough stage. I’m curius to see what you do use though, considering both of these were rejected.
Between them, I’d probably have gone with the first one though.


Awesome concepts! Cant really decided which one I prefer more at this point… Every piece is very promising. I like the shape of the first spaceship and the mass of the second one.


I think the first one is much more “opera” than the second, but 2º are much more refined… can´t keep with only one. :slight_smile:
Go with it.


Woow, the spaceships looks amazing, the color also is great…very good ideas


Some really excellent scenery mate, im looking forward to seeing what you develop your final piece into. Keep it up.:thumbsup: At this stage i would assume youd be have a hard time trying to decide which one to choose as theyre both really great. I actually prefer the first one, with the orbital space station looking thing, the you have shown it makes it feel strangely familiar but also sort of alien, i really like it.


i like the church idea! space operas and religion dont usually go that hand in hand (to the extent of physical representation with technology) and so far in the this competition its the first representation of religion ive seen. im not religious personally, but i feel as far as the iconic element can do, itll really push it forward if you evolve it well! good luck.


Man dont leave us hanging like this…hehe we need to see more. Your images are great:thumbsup:


BIG THANKS for all massagess.

ive decided to use a face. ive used mirror to get main anatomy things, from my face. its not a self portrait. :slight_smile: and stretch it to make it similiar to old western movies, witch where here in poland always squished to fit tv format.


so i’ve produced simple perspective in the background. maybe i will add some futuristic equipment to the face.

but i think this concept will be used to produce final image. so im waiting to hear from you some strong C&C.


it,s a very good idea to use a shape of churche. i hate myself i didn.t think about it. god damn it. idę na wódke


The image in post #3 is interesting - the originality of the spaceship is a bonus. Good Luck


your painting style is so refreshing, i love your loose choppy style and new ideas. i love where this is going! what software are you using for the painting?

i don’t think the face needs any equipment, his pose is so mysterious - i’d love to see you carry on the western theme with some iconic buildings in the background. to me it looks like he’s staring out into the distance, setting off into the unknown and leaving behind a life or something he’s done in this city…

…so you need something going on in the background that seems epic and shocking to anyone in the city, but he knows it’s going on, so he just sets off without looking back…maybe as if he’s ashamed of what he’s done and is trying to put it behind him?

very inspiring work!


NO!..i had religion first mwuahahahahahhaha.end

cool work!


ok, i’ve got back to the second concept. i’ll add “cathedral city” on the left. perspective will change a bit, and clouds… cumolonibus rockzzz;)

waiting for your C&C.

gordonm, thx, you helped me to decide to the second concept.

vapourtrail, thanx for kind words… and the background idea… but no more concept changes :slight_smile:

NOOB, thx.

lapazpaki, alcohol… yeap, hyp… yip